Zero in your last P3 draw, brings pair from previous draw

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Zeros from in your last P3 draw brings pair from previous draw


Try this in your state. Some states may works better that others.

Instructions: Once your P3 state drops a digit ( 0),within the last  draw, look to the previous draw and take full combo, break it down  into pairs and  keep, then mirror those pairs and keep...You may end up wth 4 or 6 pairs, depending on what type number falls. 

Once pairs are made, connect the (ML) digit or digits to complete the full combo...ML=Missing Link..

ML digits, are the digits not displayed within the pair groups. There will always be 2 pair groups. The original pair group,  and the mirror pair group. Pair falls within a few draws most times. Backtest.


Recently Examples:


Oct 6th FL dropped 006....previous was 952

95 92 52- ML 0134678

04 47 07- ML 1235689

Verdict  Oct 8th 847 fell....(47x & ML 8)


Example 2: 

Oct 5th GA dropped 701...previous was 672

67 62 72- ML 0134589

12 17 27- ML 0345689

Verdict  Oct 5th 710 fell...( 17x & ML 0)


Example 3:

Oct 2nd NC dropped 704...previous was 197

19 17 97- ML 0234568

64 62 42- ML 0135789

Verdict  Oct 4th 628 fell...( 62x & ML 8)


Jj Stay Consistent!


Thanks for posting!

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Thanks for sharing GOSEAHAWKS.

I use a similar system that I observed when looking at numbers.

Maybe one day I will post it.  However, you use yours in a totally different way.

I like it!  Thanks again for sharing with us.

In response to increase

Yes! Please share!


and thank you Goseahawks! love your stuff!

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In response to Goseahawks

Keep up the awesome work!

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In response to Unique- One

Thumbs Up

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I'm going to look more into this.

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In response to Goseahawks

                                     Mirror pair combos works well with this scenario


Example, last hit was 630.....previous was 610= 6105...pairs 61x 60x 65x 10x 15x 05x..ML  2,3,4,7,8,9........210 hit 6 draws later


Another example;  last hit was 089.....previous was 783=7832.....pairs 78x 73x 72x 83x 82x 32x..ML 0,1,4,5,6,9 .....483 hit 3 draws later


Interesting...buts that total 42 combo's with the mirror's any suggestions on narrowing numbers used?

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In response to etacarinae

ITS 36 COMBOS.....choose combos in sum range 9-18 for starters


I must be doing something wrong...3 pairs multiply 7 ML= 21   do same for mirror's =21  add both together 42 What?

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In response to etacarinae

With the mirror pair combos, you dont have to mirror....


example 061..notice the combo already has a mirror number within...just mirror the other digit all together u have 0615...

digits missing from 0-9 would be 2,3,4,,7,8,9 ......0615, gives you 6 pairs x 6 missing digits=36 combos

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