Win $800 => Easy Pick-3 System


Simple way to win the Play-3:
The way I bet on the Play-3 here in Florida => pick out two popular numbers in the last 3 drawings and buy five tickets each of 833 and 388 (as an example) => each ticket pays $160 => you win $800 (tax free) => i have won many times this way.!

Cost $10 to box these 10 numbers => works great.!

No Charts => No Spread Sheets
Play every 3rd draw => a double # shows up.

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Great idea henry!




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Thank you for sharing!Banana

Reads, and looks like a winning system!


Good luck.

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In response to henryufo

Welcome to LP and thanks for sharing.Thumbs Up

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So basically you are only playing two double numbers ?  So for example 2 and 6 came out the most in three draws so the two numbers to play is 226 and 266 ?


Yes that's exactly how i play and i only buy tickets after 3 draws that don't have any doubles. i buy for two days after 3 draws with no doubles.

This way you are not losing money every day and when you win you win $800 and it's tax free since you don't have to cash in a ticket that's over $600 => Each  ticket pays $160 here in Florida and they don't keep track of small winnings. You can cash them in one at a time. if i don't hit i wait another 3 or four days.

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Thanks for sharing that with us henryufo!See Ya!


Hey there question in Florida 766 come out that means  play 677 and box for $10

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What's the latest?


I'm not sure I'm quite understanding  can you give a few more examples?


What do you mean three popular numbers?

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In response to Wentworth

Actually he said, "pick out two popular numbers in the last 3 drawings" however I too would appreciate his drilling down on the meaning of popular numbers in three draws, what if all are unique or just one number appears twice or three times?  Do we wait or what?

Thanks, BobP Type


Thanks's like he Wasn't very clear on the whole thing....

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Here's how I read his system. The past three draws that have no doubles in them, but two digits repeat multiple times within those three draws. Like this:




No doubles but the 3 and the 1 appear more than once. What he's calling popular you might refer to as hot. When that happens, you'd play 331 and 113. I think it's that simple. Backtested this in Pennsylvania and I'm not seeing it working very often here, but check your own locale to see if it hits often enough to make it worth your time.

If there were multiple candidate numbers, you'd play another set or skip it until later when there's only two numbers to play.

Hope that helps and best of luck in all your plays,


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So In Florida these come out 




last night we had 322  most popular is. 7 and 4

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