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This will be my first post in the mystical section and I hope it helps some out there. I've always been one to think outside of the box so to speak and have always been fascinated by ASTROLOGY & NUMEROLOGY. In this thread we will mostly focus on NUMEROLOGY though. In the course of my researches I have come across many different types of numerology systems and would like to share them and how they might be used in lotteries.

NOTE: It should be known that many forms of numerology were used as ciphers for secret messages in the past by SECRET SOCIETIES, MILITARY, AND GOVERNMENT AGENTS as well.

Stop for a moment and think about a live drawing you watched on tv for your states lottery drawings. As the numbers are drawn either by the balls being pushed up a tube to reveal the winning numbers or via digital systems. The host announcing each winning number. He/She calling them out one by one.

When you think about it they are not calling out the symbol of the number such as 1-7-5, they are in fact calling out the names of the numbers each time. so 1-7-5 is really "ONE-SEVEN-FIVE."

Hopefully many of you know something about how NUMEROLOGY works by converting the NAMES of people places or things into numerical values usually from

1 - 9 was used by Pythgorean Numerology, or Chaldean Numerology which uses a 1 - 8 system. Other systems use different sets of values which can still be reduced to a root of 1 - 9 or 1 - 8. I will share the systems I have come across with you as we go on.

We will start with the most well known system of PYTHAGOREAN NUMEROLOGY. Below is the charting system for each letter and number forward and reversed. Please note that the numbers stay the same in both charts while only the direction of the letters has changed.


A= 1    B= 2    C= 3    D= 4    E= 5    F= 6    G= 7    H= 8    I= 9    J= 1    K= 2    L= 3    M= 4    N= 5    O= 6    P= 7   Q= 8    R= 9

S= 1    T= 2    U= 3    V= 4    W= 5   X= 6    Y= 7    Z= 8


Z= 1    Y= 2    X= 3    W= 4    V= 5    U= 6    T= 7    S= 8    R= 9    Q= 1    P= 2    O= 3    N= 4    M= 5    L= 6    K= 7    J= 8    I= 9

H= 1    G= 2    F= 3    E= 4    D= 5    C= 6    B= 7    A= 8

Now as to how this might be used. In "Sepharials" "The Kabala of Numbers" starting on page 38 title, "VARIOUS FORMS OF KABALISM", he has a form of"KABALISTIC NUMEROLOGY" that is worth looking at. I will show a form of it here, but its best to read his book if you have not already done so.


Lets say on a particular night 2 - 7 - 9 are drawn in a pick three type lotto.

we would then convert each number to its name and then those to their numerological values.

EXAMPLE: using the forward method for the numbers below

TWO        T= 2   W= 5   O= 6     Now add and reduce to ROOT VALUE>   2+5+6= 13   1+3= 4

SEVEN     S= 1    E= 5    V= 4    E= 5    N=5     Now add and reduce to ROOT VALUE>   1+5+4+5+5= 20     2+0=  2

NINE       N= 5    I= 9    N= 5    E= 5   Now add and reduce to ROOT VALUE>   5+9+5+5= 24   2+4= 6

So we now see that we have ROOT VALUES of 4, 2, 6.

These can be used in many ways for lotteries as some of you already know. Wink

Next we will use the KABALISTIC form used by SEPHARIAL. The above way of reducing letters to their NUMERICAL VALUES is considered the normal way of doing it. Below is another very interesting way.

Sepharial used the HEBREW alphabet for his calculations. He did this because of its connection to the TAROT.

We see in the above examples that TWO has "3" letters, so we would configure it in this manner as seen below. The numbers of each letter is MULTIPLIED by its placement of high to low.

T=  2 X 3 =     6

W= 5 X 210

O=  6 X 1  6


         SUM=   22   2+2= 4     In this version your ROOT is 4


We see that SEVEN has "5" letters in it so we repeat what we did with TWO.

S= 1 X 5 =    5

E= 5 X 4 =   20

V= 4 X 3 =   12

E= 5 X 2 =   10

N= 5 X 1 =    5


       SUM= 52   5+2= 7 your ROOT is 7


We see that NINE HAS "4" letters so we repeat what we did with the TWO & SEVEN.

N= 5 x 4 20

I=  9 x 3 27

N= 5 x 2 10

E=  5 x 1 =   5


         SUM= 62  6+2= 8  Your ROOT is 8


both ways of performing these NUMEROLOGICAL computations can produce interesting results in the field of lotto numbers. Plus this may be used in the above REVERSED form as well.

NOTE: W.D.Gann in an interview once told a reporter that he based his calculations the Science of LETTERS,NUMBERS and ASTROLOGY. He also said in the book "LAW OF VIBRATION" that planetary calculations are not sufficient to predict the future that something else must be added into the calculation. something must be used in additon to astrology that wasnt astrology and that was the LAW OF VIBRATION . and that is NUMEROLOGY.

I hope you enjoy this bit of numerical info. Smiley


hello could i join you page to learn how to do number im having a hard time with 369


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what is causing you to have a hard time Cash2000?


im not good with math,or just not good with the lottery

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Believe it or not, I am not that great at math either, but numerology has helped me along the way. the post i made above is about how to convert the letters into numbers and then roots. These could be used in many ways such as adding the roots to planetary longitudes to find combo roots that may repeat on certain dates for drawings, but each states numbers could be different so the final roots would be different as well.


so I add the root number to the sum number

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I sent you an IM which I hope helps you out with some of this.Smiley

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Wow! Informative and worth practicing. 

I'd suggest ( if you would be so humble to consider) when it's a primary number I'd let it computating.

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Now that we covered the basics of PYTHAGOREAN Numerology in the first post I'll add some more versions of the many types I have come across.

As stated earlier Pythagorean uses a 1 to 9 root system, while Chaldean uses a 1 to 8 system as the Chaldeans seen the number 9 as sacred. I believe VEDIC NUMEROLOGY is also a 1 to 8 system so this one will cover both. The reason for the FORWARD & REVERSED systems is because all things in nature are made of spirals or vortexes of energy. These spirals go Forward = Clockwise and Reversed = Counterclockwise. Such as in a Fibonacci spiral used for stock market predictions.

Chaldean  A - Z  Forward

A=1    B=2    C=3    D=4    E=5    F=8    G=3    H=5    I=1    J=1    K=2    L=3    M=4    N=5    O=7    P=8   Q=1    R=2

S=3    T=4    U=6    V=6    W=6    X=5    Y=1    Z=7


Chaldean A - Z   Reversed

Z=1    Y=2    X=3    W=4    V=5    U=8    T=3    S=5    R=1    Q=1    P=2    O=3    N=4    M=5    L= 7    K=8    J=1    I=2

H=3    G=4    F=6    E=6    D=6    C=5    B=1    A=7

Next will be some systems based on math. I did not create these, I only found them here and there. Smiley

This first one is as the name implies based off of the FIBONACCI SEQUENCE  and the NUMERICAL VALUESgo from small to really high, yet they can all still be reduced to ROOT VALUES . Also please note from this point on I'll only be posting the FORWARD version of each system, as you have already been shown that each can go in both directions.Thumbs Up


A=1    B=2    C=3    D=5    E=8    F=13    G=21    H=34    I=55    J=89    K=144    L=233    M=377    N=610    O=987    P=1597    Q=2584

R=4181    S=6765    T=10946    U=17711    V=28657    W=46368    X=75025    Y=121393    Z=196418



A=2    B=3    C=5    D=7    E=11    F=13    G=17    H=19    I=23    J=29    K=31    L=37    M=41    N=43    O=47    P=53    Q=59    R=61

S=67    T=71    U=73    V=79    W=83    X=89    Y=97    Z=97    Z=101



A=1    B=2    C=3    D=4    E=5    F=6    G=7    H=6    I=5    J=4    K=3    L=2    M=1    N=1    O=2    P=3    Q=4    R=5

S=6    T=7    U=6    V=5    W=4    X=3    Y=2    Z=1



A=1    B=4    C=9    D=16    E=25    G=49    H=64    I=81    J=100    K=121    L=144    M=169    N=196    O=225    P=256

Q=289    R=324    S=361    T=400    U=441    V=484    W=529    X=576    Y=625    Z=676



A=1    B=3    C=6    D=10    E=15    F=21    G=28    H=36    I=45    J=55    K=66    L=78    M=91    N=105    O=120    P=136

Q=153    R=171    S=190    T=210    U=231    V=253    W=276    X=300    Y=325    Z=351


I'll post more as time permits. hope you enjoy!Thumbs Up

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Thank you TheGameGrl. I'm glad you are enjoying the information.Smiley

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In response to Cash2000

save your money and find another hobby.

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Now for some more systems.Smiley


A=2    B=2    C=2    D=3    E=3    F=3    G=4    H=4    I=4    J=5    K=5    L=5    M=6    N=6    O=6

P=7    Q=7    R=7    S=7    T=8    U=8    V=8    W=9    X=9    Y=9    Z=9



A=36    B=37    C=38    D=39    E=40    F=41    G=42    H=43    I=44    J=45    K=46    L=47    M=48    N=49    O=50

P=51    Q=52    R=53    S=54    T=55    U=56    V=57    W=58    X=59    Y=60    Z=61



A=6    B=12    C=18    D=24    E=30    F=36    G=42    H=48    I=54    J=60    K=66    L=72    M=78    N=84    O=90

P=96    Q=102    R=108    S=114    T=120    U=126    V=132    W=138    X=144    Y=150    Z=156



A=1    B=2    C=3    D=4    E=5    F=6    G=7    H=8    I=9    J=10    K=20    L=30    M=40    N=50    O=60

P=70    Q=80   R=90   S=100    T=200    U=300    V=400    W=500    X=600    Y=700    Z=800


More to follow at a later time. Enjoy!Thumbs Up



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As you can see there are many types of systems out there and many more I have probably never come across as of yet. I will now continue with the ones i know of and later give some more examples of how one might use them.

So far the systems posted have been known under the umbrella term of, "NUMEROLOGY." The legitimate name for it is "GEMATRIA."

What is GEMATRIA ?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as, "A cabbalistic method of interpreting the Hebrew Scriptures by interchanging words whose letters have the same numerical value when added."

These systems have been used down through the centuries to search for hidden meanings in the different religious texts from around the world. They have also been used as ciphers of one sort or another, to hide the true meanings of messages so that those carrying them would not be persecuted for their beliefs if caught by those in the dominate religions at the time.

you will also see the term "Cabala,Kabbala,kabbalah,qabalah."


what is Cabala?

It is the ancient Jewish tradition of mystical interpretation of the bible, it was transmitted orally from teacher to students using esoteric methods (which included CIPHERS)

This has been a brief description of these two terms, so that you can have a basic concept of where the current term of NUMEROLOGY comes from and how it was used in ancient times.


and now I'll add some more systems for you in hopes that you may find one that works for you with your own lotto systems.Smiley


A=1    B=2    C=3    D=4    E=5    F=6    G=7    H=8    I=9    J=600    K=10    L=20    M=30

N=40    O=50   P=60    Q=70    S=90    T=100    U=200    V=700    W=0    X=300    Y=400



Kabala #1   A - Z   FORWARD

A=1    B=20    C=13    D=6    E=25    F=18    G=11    H=4    I=23    J=16    K=9    L=2    M=21

N=14     O=7    P=26    Q=19    R=12    S=5    T=24    U=17    V=10    W=3    X=22    Y=15    Z=8


Kabala #2  A - Z   FORWARD

A=5    B=20    C=2    D=23    E=13    F=12    G=11    H=3    I=0    J=7    K=17    L=1    M=21

N=24    O=10    P=4    Q=16    R=14    S=15    T=9    U=25    V=22    W=8    X=6    Y=18    Z=19


Kabala #3  A - Z   FORWARD

A=9    B=20    C=13    D=6    E=17    F=2    G=19    H=12    I=23    J=16    K=1    L=18    M=5

N=22    O=15    P=26   Q=11   R=4    S=21    T=8    U=25    V=10    W=3    X=14    Y=7    Z=24



A=1    B=2    C=3    E=5    F=6    G=7    H=8    I=9    J=600   K=10    L=20    M=30    N=40    O=50    P=60

Q=70     R=80    S=90    T=100    U=200    W=900   X=300    Y=400    Z=500


This is all for now, but there will be more to follow. Enjoy all!Thumbs Up



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Ok we are down to the last few systems I know. Some I saved for last on purpose. I explain about those later and how they were used.

The following systems were used by Robert R. Hieronimus,Ph.D. in his lottery books called, "HOW TO PICK YOUR PERSONAL LOTTERY NUMBERS." and "YOUR PERSONAL WINNING LOTTERY NUMBERS."


Shakespearean Cipher Code

2  =  A    F    K    P    U

3  =  B    G    L    Q   V

5  =  C    H    M   R   W

7  =  D    I     N   S    X

13=  E    J     O   T    Y

0  =  Z



A= 1    F= 6    K=11    P=16    U=21    Z=26

B= 2    G= 7    L=12    Q=17    V=22

C= 3    H= 8    M=13   R=19    W=23

D= 4    I= 9     N=14   S=19    X=24

E= 5    J=10    O=15   T=20    Y=25



A=27    B=28    C=29    D=30    E=31    F=32    G=33    H34    I=35    J=0    K=10    L=11    M=12

N=13    O=14   P=15    Q=16    R=17    S=18    T=19    U=20  V=0    W=21    X=22    Y=23    Z=24


Note: This code below is different than the one in the first post.



A= 3    B= 3    C=12    D=14    E=22    F= 3    G= 4    H= 6    I=20    J=20   K=15    L=12    M=23

N=15    O= 8    P=13    Q=21    R=13    S= 8    T= 8    U= 5    V= 5    W= 0    X= 6    Y= 3    Z= 4


NOTE: There are some characters in the greek cabala that have no matches for our alphabet, so they have been

left out here on purpose.



A= 1    B= 2    G= 3    D= 4    E= 5    F= 6    Z= 7    H=8    I=10    J=10    C=20    L= 30    M=40

N= 50    X=60    O=70    P=80   Q=90    R=100    S=200    T=300    U=400    V=400    W= 0    Y=700



A= 1    B= 2    G= 3    D= 4    H= 5    V= 6    W= 6    Z= 7    CH= 8    T= 9    Y=10    K=20,500    L=30

M=40,600    N=50,700    S=60    O=70    P=80,800    Tz=90,900    (K Soft)=100    R=200    Sh=300

(T Soft)=400


Dr. Robert R. Hieronimus used the above systems in his books. He used the different systems during the

different astrological signs as seen below.







He apparently alternated beteen the LATIN ALPHABET & THE KAY CIPHER, during the sign of Aquarius.


Note: As pointed out earlier Famed Astrologer "Walter Gorn Old" aka"Sepharial" used the Hebrew kabala system for hiscalculations. Also famed Financial Astrologr "W.DGann" wrote about Walter in his book "Tunnel thu the air or looking back from 1940" he even advises his readers/students to study Sepharils books, especially "The Kabala of Numbers"

It is unclear if Dr. Hieronimus knew of Sepharials work though.

Enjoy the info provided, I'll add more as time permits.Thumbs Up




This is great information. Still trying to figure out how to use for pick 3 lottery

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