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These questions are  for people who buy Michigan tickets.

Would you play a "Just The Jackpot" ticket on Power Ball or Mega Millions if you could pay an extra dollar to get a shot at a $3,000,000 fixed second prize? (JTJ plus 2nd)

I have quit playing the Multi States but would have to ponder that one myself.

All the Michigan Draw Games are either $2 or have an option to make them $2 except the Daily Keno (pick 3 and  pick 4 are two draws per day).

Would you play the Daily Keno if there were a "Cash Pot" option with a parimutal cash jackpot for $1 extra so if you got all ten of your numbers you would get paid $250,000 plus all or split the cash progressive pot?

Would you buy more $3 Scratchers if the Top Prize was lowered by $1 to $99,999 so you didn't have to spend the money to claim in Lansing?

By Lowering the prize by $1 it would actually increase the payout for anyone who lived more dollars from Lansing than the closest claim center.

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Oh Well, I guess I should have done this one as a Poll.

I for one would play Daily Keno CashPot because the Prize would be over $500,000 cash (unless split) and would very easily get over $1,000,000 cash and often ( it might even get all the way up to almost 5 million).

Many people play for the Million and this certainly would be away for them to try with odds of 2.5 million to 1 it would be better than most of the other ways.

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I thought about it and if Michigan offered a $5 JTJ plus 2nd prize and made it a fixed $6,000,000 second prize I would start playing again at my old Jackpot level.

($3 for JTJ and $2 for the six million dollar second prize)

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