A Most Happy Birthday Greetings Virgie :-)

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"Today the sun is glorious in your beautiful country, and the bees are pollinating the flowers. And the sky is a misty, pearlescent blue. It's beautiful. You are not in dark times; you are in times of questioning. Those are light times. The moment you want to know more is not dark; it is light." ~R


May this be a joyful New Year bringing  you greater discoveries and higher vibes!


Eddessa_Knight Disney

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In response to eddessaknight

Oh my goodness!

Did you post this for me on my birthday on July 24th?

This is the first time I've seen sorry don't want you to think I was ignoring it.
If it was for me thank you very much and so sorry this is sooooooo  late.

You have my name spelled's Vergie6 (not my real name).

Thank you again!

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Appreciate the update but no worries, Vergie

Hope your birthday and New Year is a blast of sunshineSun Smiley

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