Dues anyone know?


i recieved an offer in the mail from Steve PLayer who i dont like and never buy anything from, but im just curious and im not about to pay him 40 bux

for his system that he admits he can describe in one paragraph.This one  he says he can take the last two pick 3 winning numbers and make ten new numbers to play from them.. hes peaked my curiosity thats all does anyone know how to do this ? Ive tried taking the last two drawings but i cant come up with ten new numbers  as i said im just curious  im well aware theres no such guy, but i was just wondering how this scam of "HIS" works.

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Steve player is a company. Don't buy anything from them.  Do a search here about Steve player.


I'm well aware of that fact I wouldn't buy anything from there I was just curious that'd all.

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Does anyone know?

Well they probably wouldn't say.


I want know why as well

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Just do a search for various topics on this site,   what was the offer about?  It sounds like someone wants to scam people and profit as well as cc info.  Go to any search engine and look him up.  You have a better chance of reading ebook on amazon too.

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Either a company or third party that wants peoples bank accounts.  Oh well.

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Two Pick-3 numbers have at most six digits.  A box Pick-3 wheel for six digits excluding doubles and triples requires twenty combinations to complete.  If he is making ten (half) combinations he's using some sort of rule to exclude or not include some of them.  Now five digits makes ten combinations, maybe you only play after a all different and a double have been drawn.  I wouldn't put money on it.

BobP  Type

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This is the wheel BobP was talking about.


The outcome depends on the quality of the digits, how well they correspond to the current trends. Here is an example.
California Daily 3 data.
The latest draw Jul 16/20 so the data it's quite recent.
Backtrack going 30 draws back.
6 cold digits computed from 20 draws.
Below are the totals.

Since California Daily 3 has variable prizes I used standard values for singles: $500 for straight and $80 for box. Observe ROIs for singles.

Again, the quality of digits used is of paramount importance. If you don't know how they are selected - don't bother, no matter what they promise you. The digit performance can be monitored with simple statistics. In this case I used 6 digits starting from the coldest (the least frequent in 20 draws).

5 digits can also generate positive ROIs although rather seldom. But 7 & 8 digits can be real money makers - if you know how to play them.


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In response to aquariuslottery

I like your wheel program!

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I believe that wheels are an essential element in all numeric lotteries (Pick 3, Pick 4, jackpots). They allow not only for a proper number distribution but also guarantee a win, if you match the wheel's conditions (not all wheels may guarantee the win but I use only these that do). They also concentrate the effort. Here is what I mean.

Take Pick 3.
8 digits out of 10.
In order to hit you must have 3 winning digits in your 8. 1 missing and you are out.
Probabilities: 8/10 x 8/10 x 8/10 = 51.2% for a single win.
For box single 8 digits wheeled make 56 combinations. 7.8% of the whole pool of 720 single combos but winning chances 1 in 2. 7.8% versus 51.2%. That's the concentration. Costs money but wins. I just checked 4 different backtracks for Florida singles and the average was about 54%.

As for doubles this average is higher: 64% as only 2 digits are involved.

No wonder they say inventing a wheel was one of the most ingenious human achievements. Lotteries included.


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