New Scratchers now out...

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Called California Dreamin' in the $2,$5, and $10 price range. fyi

Can't get a Haircut, but can buy new Cards. Scared

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Wisconsin just released a series of football scratch offs the other day;  Green Bay Packers theme.

I don't often play scratchers but I played these same ones last summer, mostly the $5 ones. In the end I came out ahead financially but didn't have any big wins. And after waiting half a year for the special second chance drawing on this particular game I got nuthin', sigh... 

But I might try again with this one as it was kind of fun. Although, truth is I feel kind of bad for the folks that won season tickets last time because this Fall season seems a bust due to Covid. I hope they are able to enjoy their win nonetheless.

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Huh? This is in California....Go Rams! Coach McVay Gf Hottie! btw

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Are there football scratchers in CA or is this just a regional thing here?


is it my eyes ? been following game #1434 $5M LUCK- $20  - July 30th ILR shows what's remaining as:

5M = 1

1M = 4

100K = 6

10K =87

5K = 95


Looking in the Lottery Website today #1434 shows what's remaining as:

5M= 4

1M = 14

100K = 21

10K = 364

5K - 360


I even checked what total top prizes available day one - completely different ILR numbers  v Lottery Website ....... a misprint or ??


Just took a quick check at $30 GR Special Edition - ILR and Lottery Website have correct remaining prizes ......


Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. Fl lottery has decided to extend the life of the 5M Luck game therefore increasing the number of available top prizes. I been playing this game more frequent hoping to hit a decent prize.

In response to MsBee18

Yes MsBee18 that looks correct!...I compared the current prize count to an earlier ILR and looks like a 50% reorder.  The initial release of 736K books wasn't huge to start with, so now book count is extended slightly above 1.1M.

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