Ca. Lottery helps felon steal ticket.


  A Clerk stole my draw ticket. She said it was not a winner, then changed it  one dollar after I wanted my ticket back. She then walked over to the other Clerks register got a dollar and dropped it on the counter. She could not use her own register (the one used for all the Lottery transactions) because she just slid my ticket into the right side corner after opening it two inches and trying to hide it. Then would not talk or look at me. A couple days later i was able to find the Retailer. We had spoke a few times and I told him, if you tell her to give my ticket back this problem goes away. He said he was going to do that. He got scared and called the Lottery and told them he was on the ballot for the State Wide School Board Election. That changed everything. The Lottery started telling me lies and refused to investigate, even told me the Lottery did not investigate in my area. I got an email that said, the retailer broke no Lottery rules. This was determined with no investigation and not finding my validated ticket, That I had told the Lottery many times that it would not be found. The Clerk never validated the ticket when i was there. It was like talking to a box of rocks. The person telling most of the lies is the Manager for Security and Law Enforcement. This Manager has no problem telling me lies, she appears to be so comfortable with her job that it's normal to say anything she wants. I had told her we needed to find and put a stop on that ticket before the Clerk gets the money. She did nothing. Well the Clerk got the money and has put it on the Internet. How her life has changed for the better, all the things she has been buying. She even left things for me, telling me how bad she feels for people who lost their money. I got a criminal report on the Clerk. Multiple Convicted Felon.   Now the Clerk is feeling real good about her win and when she sees me, she sings  and laughs "I got your money ha ha ha" in the middle of parking lots in front of people like she has no worries. She is 54yrs old. So I called the Lottery to let them know that the Clerk had got the money, but before I could get any words out, this same Manager acted happy that I had called and told me in a voice i had not heard before that the Lottery had figured out exactly what happened, so I waited for her to tell me this news before telling her my news. And this is what she told me, It just looks like your ticket had won. What happened was when you were in line to buy a ticket the player in front of you had bought the winning ticket just seconds before you bought your ticket and that player was the winner and was paid out, and that's why it just looks like your ticket won. This is the BS that i have been going through. So time for my news. I told this Manager what she told me was impossible because when I was at the store and bought my ticket, I was the only customer in the store. The girl behind the counter was eight feet away from the Lottery Terminal sitting on a stool she sits on when she has no customers. She was selling no tickets to anyone. This is easy to prove a lie by looking at the time on my ticket. You will see a time gap before and after I bought my ticket. This phantom winning ticket buyer does not exist. In a Law Dictionary I found this. If someone stops a person from getting something that is rightfully theirs by lying to them, has DEFRAUDED them. I would think this manager has a bit of a problem. I then told her about the Clerk telling me she has my money and was on the internet talking about all the stuff she has been buying. I then told the Manager I was still going to prosecute. The Manager was MAD and said THE LOTTERY WILL NOT HELP YOU!!! then added THE LOTTERY WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY EVIDENCE FROM YOU!!! This shows without any doubt the Managers intentions from the time she found out who owned the store. Now I really don't know what direction to take this. I was permanently disabled from a work related car crash and disability pay is not going to pay for an attorney. I know i would regret letting them get away with this. Any ideas? any thoughts? This is not even the full story. I would very much like to hear if anybody knows some kind of agency or person that knows how to deal with this type of problem I can pay some money.  Thanks.....

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 You can begin with your political leaders.  Cities do have 1 -800-numbers where you can begin. That is local. Then go to State politicians. Congressional politicians after State. Presidents accept letters.

 Start with a telephone book or online.

 How much money are we talking about here?

 If possible go to a different store next time. 

 Good Luck!!

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In response to beenrippedoff

What's the first thing you should do if you have a winning lottery ticket?

The first thing you want to do is sign the back of the Ticket, because a Winning Lottery Ticket is what's called a Bearer Instrument: technically whoever hands in the Winning Lottery Ticket is declared the winner. 

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Find out if the store has video cameras. The entire transaction may be on tape. If it is, there's your proof. 

Chris Hansen from NBC Dateline did a story a few years back on lottery clerks in California stealing customers winning tickets. Sounds like they need to do a new investigation.

If you want to see the videos, search for NBC Dateline Lottery Ticket Scams on you tube. It happens in a lot of states. 

I hope you get your money back!!!

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In Cali' and had a problem with a Liquor Store.  They had alot of winning cards, but

when I went to Cash them payoffs were off anywhere from $5-20 most times. They 

didn't like the fact I knew how much in winnings were there.


In response to greatguy

Where in California does this happen? How much did BRO " Been Ripped Off" actually win, millions, what? How about you, how much? How tall are you guys- 4' 5"?  It's possible that clerks will rip you off if you can't see the numbers being rung up on the register, but please.

First mistake: You never hand a clerk your ticket without you KNOWING in advance how much it is worth. 

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True that! Had alot IMO of winning Cards to turn-in between 7-10 each session.  People behind

me weren't happy with the amount of Cards had to turn in, but they always cashed them.

Thought could of overlooked the total by those small amounts, until got them in the scam. Naughty

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In response to noise-gate

greatguy said "They didn't like the fact I knew how much winnings were there".

Looks to me like he knew what his winners were worth when he handed his tickets over.

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In response to rcbbuckeye

Whenever I cash in winning tickets, I always ask if they can cash some winners for X amount, BEFORE  I give them my tickets. That way they can't scan the ticket and then claim, We can't cash it, we don't have the money. Because once they scan it, good luck going somewhere else and saying you didn't get paid for it. 

If you think the clerk may be short changing you, ask for a receipt. It will show what the ticket was cashed for.

In response to rcbbuckeye

Perhaps rcbbuckeye, but this piece comes across as a joke, at least to me...

Now the Clerk is feeling real good about her win and when she sees me, she sings  and laughs "I got your money ha ha ha" in the middle of parking lots in front of people like she has no worries. 

* Which is the reason l asked rcb" Where in California does this happen? Who in their right mind sings and laughs " l got your money in front of people? l can pretend to be a fool, but I'm not gullible.

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In response to noise-gate

Understood. But I was referring to the line you had highlighted in your response to greatguy.

In response to rcbbuckeye

l lumped them both together rcb because both had a gripe. However I chose to go with greatguy's response because it was shorter than BRO's one. In other words " l stop eating when l am full...hint! hint!" Hope you get my drift?

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