Have you ever marred a good Lottery Game by blabbing? LMAO! :D :/


So, I noticed that The Florida Lottery often would do the inverse of 80's and 40's numbers often in The Pick 4.  For example, 82 front pair meant 42 front pair was coming up soon. 41 meant 81 was coming up soon. 86 meant 46 was coming up. Etc. I made decent money following the 80's and the 40's. I bragged/blabbed about this thing on a random Casino Gambling website, and.... Very soon after, the 40's and 80's numbers didn't come up inverse for a long while... And now only come up sparingly. Way to go, Idiot! LMAO! D'oh! :D :/

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Case in point. I looked at Florida Lottery Pick 4, for the ladt three months, and.... The inverse of 40's and 80's came up less than 10 times within that THREE month span...;)

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Old Saying: Loose Lips Sink Ships!

In Other Words:

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I thought you were going to talk about a glitch in a game that actually gave players an advantage. Cash Win Fall gave players an advantage if they could bet enough to create a roll-over. Casino card games like Four Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold'em have forced bets that give casinos the advantage. If players had the option not to make those bets, they would have an advantage. 

Back to the topic, are you saying the Florida Lottery is cheating by manipulating the drawings based on your observations? And the key question, can you prove it?

By the way, casino card game force bets create advantages usually less than 10%. Casino Keno can be as high as 30% compared to lottery pick-4 games with 50% advantage/house edge.

Oh and maybe you could explain why you call an 46 an "inverse number" of 86 to help us understand what you blabbed about.

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That happened to you because it's random, but if a person stares at anything long enough their brain will become convinced there is a pattern. Human brains have a hard time producing randomness and comprehending it.

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I Agree!

State lotteries know exactly how much is bet on every one of the 1000 pick-3 combos and could easily see a spike when more money was bet on a three digit number. But the odds of that combo being drawn is still 1000 to 1, a cap on how much can be paid out, and no reason to "rig" a drawing to prevent it from being drawn. And I seriously doubt anyone would bet $20,000 a drawing to win $1 million on a front pair "coming up soon".

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LMAO at the sarcastic "Cheers," implication. :D

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