how to find the number of followers in the lottery?


how to find the number of followers in the lottery?
  which are the base or reference?


Note: the information below is based on my use of Excel with the lottery history.


what I do is organize the drawings by their ascending position by drawing. 

I apply filtering (by formula) to identify the last drawn, and look at historical data for patterns based on timing.

Some people believe in the Vtracs application of following numbers, but I have seen limited acceptance for this application based on my review/play of Pick 5/Jackpot games.


There are many ways to analyze lottery data; most have their own proprietary approach.  I have tried many throughout the years, and continue to search for this as well.  For me, the reason that I analyze the lottery and attempt to win is the same reason that lot of people to Suduko; its fun, harmless, keeps the mind busy, and (unlike suduko) may have a large pay off.


It is said that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master something.  Not sure if this will ever get mastered, but it keeps me out of the bar in the interim......


All the best!





"Nothing beats a try, but a failure son"


 hello CountingMan , correct, conglatulations, thank you!!

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