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Hello IM trying to see if anyone knows about a particular wheelin system that does numbers per column vs picking them from overall, per say I want to play 5 columns and each column i want to pick the most common numbers that come on that particular column and then wheel them, not sure if im ecplaining my self correctly but on column 1 i want to pick per say numbers from 1-9 column 2 numbers 14-21 and so on so on, I encounter many wheeling systems but they let you pick X amount of numbers and they mix and match vs me picking the numbers that come on that particular column more often. I hope I didnt sound to confusing and if anyone knows it would be great appreciated thanks

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I guess you mean something like the Wheel for Quinto:

Positional Wheel Generator for Pick 3, Pick 4, and Quinto:


hmmm interesting concept, im guessing ill be able to pick numbers from 1-35 by column, im going to check it out , THANK YOU :)


I am also looking for the same option 1-35 most common numbers drawn according to history of mass cash numbers drawn

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