Do States sometimes just give up on Scratch Games


Just wondering

Washington State Game #1513

Final day to cash in June 30 2020

What in the world happened with this game.

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WA's Lotto site, from what I've found, does not describe its games very well.  I had to go to YouTube to see this game.  All in all it looks like it might have been too complex, hence probably lots of missed wins.  If so that's too bad - I wish FL would have a game like this.  WA Lotto could be ending the game if it's mostly run through its stock of's just tough to tell with no additional info.

Here's an example of a veteran scratcher running into questions when encountering this game

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Yes I played this game a couple times and it was definitely a game where I could see people being confused. I always scan tickets. I would assume most would on a game like that, but who knows. Interesting most games expire with still 5-7% winners uncashed. This game seems to have 35% uncashed with 3 weeks left. Including a top prize. Don't know if it was a lot of missed winners or if the state pulled the game. But 35% of missed winners seems insane even with it being a difficult game.

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Unless there's a way to tell book #s of top prize wins (presuming WA is like FL it's possible but not easy) there could easily be, sadly, a discarded top prize with this game - esp given the non-claimed amounts at the lower winning levels.

Nonetheless I'd love if FL had a game like this...elementary number match gets old, and yes there's Bingo, Crosswords, and Lotteria (and TPiR), but nothing like this game...

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