IL Monopoly Second Chance Sweepstakes

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Hi everyone! I was wondering what everyone thought of the Second Chance Promotion when you buy an IL $2 or $5 Monopoly Instant Ticket? Does it make you want to buy more, same or less? They are giving away 10 trips to Las Vegas and the promotion ends at the end of July 2020.

Also, usually Sweepstakes has a No Purchase Necessary requirement to be included in the Rules, but I cannot find it anywhere on the website how to enter with no purchase. How does the Lottery get away with this? I would rather enter obviously with no purchase than buying all these, for the most part, no win tickets.


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I never heard of a lottery 2nd chance program that didn't require purchase of a lottery ticket.

There must be a technical legal distinction between a "sweepstakes" and a "2nd chance" drawing, where sweepstakes have to allow for non-purchase entries, but 2nd chance drawings can require a purchase. I looked all over the promotion page and tabs with Ctrl+F and they don't actually use the word "sweepstakes" anywhere.

I guess you'll have to pony up $5 or whatever to enter. I doubt many people will enter to win a free trip with COVID-19 risk, so maybe your chances of winning will be good.

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If anyone wants a Trip to Las Vegas: Go For It!

PS: It's a Second Chance Drawing: Not a Sweepstakes!

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Call the IL lottery 800 number and ask them about the 'no purchase necessary'.

1-800-252-1775 (I think it's in state only)

Not sure if anyone is there right now or not.

All I can figure out right now os let's say someone plays one of these monopoly tickets, it's a loser, so they just leave it by the lottery machine..........someone else sees ot, realizes it's a 2nd chance type promo and picks it up to eneter.

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