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PA has a new $10 game. It is called $50 or $100 and those are the only 2 prizes with odds of 1:8.11. Grabbed 2 and one hit $50, but didn't realize at the time there were only 2 prizes.  SO if you buy a roll of 60 tickets and normal rolls pay $300ish, that doesn't give you many winners.


Never saw a game like that in PA before. 8.11 is horrible.

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I agree and pointless. I guess if you want to try to turn your $10 into a quick $50 or $100 then go for it. However there is zero sense in chasing cause you will never find a $500 or $1000 or anything else.  I also can't see a roll(assuming they are 60 per pack) ever turning a profit. Maybe you find a hot roll with a few 100's, but could you ever get your $600 back when you may see 7 winners max?


Another big league scam by the PA lottery. Most players see a new game in a machine or on a counter and ask for a few to try it.  Then to read that less than 1 out of every 8 is a winner is like a kick in the nuts.  The more instant games evolve the more attractive draw games become.  The new $30 game has odd of 1 in 3.11.  The original $30 game was 1 winner in every 2.67 tickets.  So 100 winners in 267 tickets where the new game is 100 winners in 311 tickets.  Such a scam.

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Well a normal roll has to pay back at least $400. With 8.11 odds that's 7.5 winners per pack. Figure two $100 and 5.5 $50 winners average per roll that's $475 back on $600 almost 80%. 

I always liked these type of games because at least when you win, you win something. In my state $5 tickets are generally 3.1 or 3.2 odds but seems like 85% of wins are $5

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Ouch. I just checked the link. The ratio of $50 winners to $100 winners is like 4.3 to 1.

Washington state has this same game. 10 to 1 odds ratio of $50 to $100 is 1.5 to 1.

Yes I agree this game sucks unless you just have $10 and feel an itch to take a chance.

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PA is normally a 60% return. $600 roll of $20 ticket is generally $340/$360 return if you don't get anything above $100. Anything above is considered the bonus ticket on top of the normal win so a $500 winner would mean a $840 pack return. Usually they have 8 or 9 winners. 

We have a $10 fast play with top prize of $500. I never won it but I like that one. You can still win lower prizes but at least can get a $500. To only have a top prize of $100 on a $10 seems so wasteful. I am 3 for 6 with 3-50's but still feels like a never winning proposition if you buy in bulk

PA has just been plain bad. Normally I could get $100 worth of tickets and get something back. Lately its junk. Today was $140 with $10 back. Even my normal store said he isn't seeing any payouts. Def bad here in PA from what I can see and hear..


Finally an OK day and its why I always will buy tickets after winners. Seen this happen alot with PA. This is the new $30






A guy wanted the machine, so I took 013 to the car and when it said $30 I went back for the next.  I cashed in a $30 to start and then just scratched the code at the machine. Would have stopped if 010 lost, but once it won I kept going to 015 which lost.

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