Think the Multi State Lottery isn't Rigged


Around 70% of lottery winning tickets are quick picks for the Power Ball and the Mega Millions, ask your self this question why doesn't my numbers ever come up, because lets say that the Lottery is rigged and how it's done is through great deception by a great computer program that knows what numbers are drawn before draw time because with quick picks the winner location can be planned ahead for one state to profit from one given winner. I set out for the last 4 years to win the lottery or prove it's rigged and one sure way I came up with was I started playing my own numbers and staying with these numbers every draw and I would win little here and there and noticed a better way to decide if the lottery was rigged or not, lets say that on every lottery draw you played 5 different set of numbers on the Power Ball and the Mega Millions and then played a set of 5 different numbers on paper that the lottery corporation doesn't know about, here's what I discovered the numbers on paper becomes winners and the numbers played by buying lottery tickets where not winners, so I challenge every one playing the multi state lottery play your picked numbers and pick a set of numbers on paper and wait and see which becomes winners, the results are shocking, it proves the lottery is really rigged!!

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Funny you did that. I did the same thing for several years (still do) for MM, PB, and for Texas Lotto, and also Texas 2 Step. For the Lotto game I played 8 or 9 lines for our little work pool twice a week. On paper, I play all the numbers on how ever many lines it takes, ie: Lotto is 6/54, so it takes 9 lines to play all 54 numbers. I won more money with my work pool numbers. With PB and MM I usually play only one line but I have all the numbers in play on paper.

Conclusion. It doesn't make that much difference. Yeah, my paper plays for PB and MM won a little more because I have 14 lines vs 1 for my real ticket.

I've said it before, I'll be a broken record. They don't have to rig the games. All you need to do is take a look at the odds.

1 in 292,201,338 PB.

1 in 302,575,350 MM.

Those great big numbers tell you everything you need to know.

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In response to rcbbuckeye

Mr. rcb - you should flip it around and become a record breaker Cool


Hard not to have safety in those high odds - I agree.

Hard not to be skeptical on the one hand - on the other though it would be a huge risk for these big games to tamper on such a high level and risk getting caught - who would catch them doing so I do not know.

But if they got caught doing something that bad it would ruin their reputation and sales would fall - when they already have the odds on their side.


Hard to tell - then again I ain't lucky-kenny so no matter if I play numbers I write down or not - they don't hit anyway LOL

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I've been saying THAT for yrs...even suggested we serious players sign a petition, get it Congress.. get them to look into it...

The Multi State Lotteries use the opportunity between cutofftime and the actual drawing to rig it..!! Mad

If It's indeed sooo hard to pick the correct numbers, ( especially if you study the Stats) then how is it that 3 tickets were picked correctly for the $1.6 Billion Pwrball jackpot awhile back?..all on the SAME night...!! Disapprove

If Statistics is just a joke, then why does the FBI, State Law Bureaus rely on it to study crime?...Thumbs Up

Somebody's blowing smoke up all our azzs.! LOL

Yes Nod We ALL know serious pick3, pick4 players that have complained that after playing their pet numbers for weeks, then stopped, only to have their very numbers fall.. proof that their mainframe watches consistently played numbers for revenue dependency.. then allows those numbers to fall to punish the player psychologically for not being their sucker!

The odds 1 in 292,201,338 PB and 1 in 302,575,350 MM are imposed on those who give their wage NO THOUGHT..!!

then those odds apply to you..No No but Math doesn't lie.. it's the only thing that can conquer those odds..!!



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In response to Stat$talker

I have always hated the time-frame between draw end and the actual showing of the draw numbers.

I am on the fence about it all - both ways.



Problem is no one government side is going to look into this stuff or put in the effort - they don't want to mess with the big game it seems.

If we get Stat$talker into office then he can start the investigation to clear the air



I'll just sit in the corner with a grimace, being skeptical and with a stogie since I cannot prove anything.

.......unless I win, then I will be a poster child LOL

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In response to Unlucky-Kenny

Ooohh?... So you wanna set me up for Assassination huh?.LOL..  No No Noooo Thanks..!!

History has proven, when you interrupt THAT kinda money, you get put in the... "cross hairs" Bash

Better that REAL Politicians do that... I'm just a Gambler with a Dream..!!


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In response to Stat$talker

I guess that is where we are different Sir....

I don't gamble.






Gambling implies I have some sort of small chance at winning.


I can throw away a dollar like nobodies business.



Good luck Mr. Stat. 

I sure need it.



I was going to sit this one out until this quote.

"The odds 1 in 292,201,338 PB and 1 in 302,575,350 MM are imposed on those who give their wage NO THOUGHT..!!"

ABSOLUTELY PROFOUND STATEMENT. If you play the game from the  theoretical  design. Please, Please quit playing because you don't have a clue.

Thanks Stat$talker for that.

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In response to lucky1day

Wink  Aye, cuz..!!( Imo be lucky real soon, so we're related)...Yes Nod

.. I just try to get people to think in between the cracks and crevices of their dusty intellect.. Everyone's bound to find  some unused logic, if they'd only "think outside the box"...Thumbs Up



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It sounds like you are one of many that come from the "I played, I didn't win a jackpot, so it must be rigged school".

As far as 70% of winners being quick picks, 70% of ticket sales are quick picks........just coincidence in your mind?

The way gambling operations are run is very simple, let the players pick their own losers.

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In response to HL1003

LOL. I post in the MADDOG challenge threads with my paper picks, which I do not actually purchase, and I have a pretty paltry record of guessing correctly.

Do you think the people who rig the lottery are also behind the theft of the period key from your keyboard?

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In response to Coin Toss

I Agree!

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"because with quick picks the winner location can be planned ahead for one state to profit from one given winner"

They could do that with player-picked numbers as well just as easily.

Out of curiosity, how do you believe the various state lotteries come to an agreement about which one gets the winner? Browse the news forum and read the articles about all the in-fighting within any given state's lottery agency. (Like CT, where everyone is currently suing everyone.) How the heck are more than 40 lottery agencies going to come to a consensus???

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In response to cottoneyedjoe

Joe, like CoinToss said. It's a classic case of "I didn't win, so it's rigged."

They don't think rationally. I actually find it amusing that it seems to always be a newbie that will sign up on a site dedicated to lottery play, and the first post is "it's rigged".

Really, those people just can't wrap their heads around the odds of jackpot games, even the state lotto games. But, it's funny to watch them cry.


If Eddie Tipton rigged the Multi State Lottery, who would say it's not rigged by the government, remember the 1.5 billion dollar jackpot, right after that Obama sent 1.5 billion in cash to Iran.

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