This Combo " 512 " may hit boxed in May. (ALL STATES)

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The combo "125 " has been a hot # for me for the past couple of years, and as I've watched the results throughout the years from different states, I sometimes do see the "125" combo traveling. Florida has got this for the Midday ( May 4th - 125 ) . Ohio has got this Midday ( May 4th - 251 ). 

Only because today is May 21st ( 5/21) , I've have had a reminder that this hot combo will travel box. I have this one played in multiple combo bets for  the Midday today , but it's a possibility to hit any day this month. Other states may have had it hit boxed already for the year, and it may begin to travel. I like it as " 512 "STRAIGHT".  Good Luck to everyone!



May Predictions ALL STATES

512,  125,  251,  152.

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May 21st Evening Draw Result

Ontario Pick 3 Evening:  251


May 24th Evening Draw Result

Washington Daily Game: 215


May 25th Evening Draw Result 

Ohio Pick 3: 125


Alright so this number continues to travel, and may continue to hit as we close out May in the final 6 days. All States AND CANADA should continue to play the " "125 " combination as it has been a good repeater as well. Ohio has seen this combo AT LEAST twice in May 2020. I've been betting on this combo real heavy and would have loved to be in Ohio to catch it! Cool  Maybe it'll come thru to hit one more time before the month is over, or may continue the hitting  into June.


Quick Tip: New York "Midday Pick 3"  has not seen the " 125 " combo appear in almost 500 days since January 23rd, 2019!

Good Luck to Everyone!! Dance

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Update with additional information: 


A sum 8 combo has not hit for the "Midday" (New York) in 77 days since 2/06/20 when " 431" came out! With sum 8 being overdue for a hit on Midday, the " 125 " BOXED  may be drawn VERY SOON for NY MIDDAY PICK 3. No other Sum 8 BOXED COMBINATION is currently out longer for the MIDDAY DRAWINGS.  Good luck!!

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5/27/2020 Midday Draw Result

Tennesse Cash 3 Midday : 125


I just picked up 125 in Maryland!! Thumbs Up

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Alright good luck!Smiley

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I want it for Michigan Cheers Let's see

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