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There needs to be a section by the home column that says new members must read this before posting.  I get several questions asking what a mirror,total,width,root etc. This bogs down a thread by getting the same questions over and over.  There need's to be some sort of tutorial to learn the lingo.

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Additional Hyperlink:

PS: As you can see: This has been a Topic of Interest way before You Joined LP!

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Long before I was a member. ! Lovies

I read the long winded thread and it was pure agony.   On and on, but no solution.  I'm busy like everyone else so I can only answer so many what is a "root" questions.

I guess I'll concentrate on my stuff and ignore the rest.


Thinking of...

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Lakerben, I don't mean to be argumentative, but real the problem is that the terminology people use here is non-standard and very idiosyncratic. Rather than requiring people to learn bad mathematical terms, the people who use these terms should either graciously explain their meaning when politely asked, or start using more precise and standard terminology. 

Some examples:

Root: You use the word "root" to mean what is more commonly called "digital root" or "iterated digital sum" etc. To everyone else in the world, the word root used by itself in a mathematical context means primarily the square root of a number. You should use the full phrase "digital root."

Width: You use the word width to denote the maximum difference between digits in a P3 or P4 combo. "Max difference" is more descriptive and easier to understand.

Total: This is probably the worst abuse of terminology in your lottery vocabulary. From what I gather, you use the word "total" to mean the number you get when you subtract a P3 or P4 combo from 999 or 9999. Everybody else in the world understands a total to mean a sum. Better phrases for this concept are "999 complement" or "9999 complement."

Mirror: I think this is a nice short term for something that requires a lot more words. If someone asks you what it means, you can succinctly tell them it means "plus 5 modulo 10." Modulo" and "modular arithmetic" are standard math terms and if a person doesn't know they should Google it.

My point is, if there exists standard mathematical terminology for things and you (and other LP members) choose to use your own non-standard made up terms, then the burden is on you to explain yourself, not on others to learn your idiosyncratic language.

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FYI: The Terminology in Use on LP was Developed on LP long before any Lottery Terms could be found anywhere on the Internet.

Example: Mirror Pair

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That's nice, but the standard mathematical terminology has been in existence since before modern lotteries, and is the terminology everyone understands, including new users.

Nobody should have to read a glossary of  jargon before posting on the site, especially since many of the phrases some people use are incorrect, make no sense even to long-time LP users, and are used to mean different things by different people. If a person is easily peeved having to explain their jargon, they should switch to normal language.

Or, if they prefer the argot of LP Pick3/4 players, they can graciously explain their personal lingo to new users. Most of it is easy enough to figure out from context. Although Lakerben is very creative, his posts have very little context, just numbers and jargon that many cannot follow. It's easy to see why he is asked for clarification far more often than others users are.

Have a nice weekend.

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