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Is there or has anyone created an excel worksheet that would break 4 columns of numbers into pick 4 picks?

Here is what I am looking for...

Column 1          Column 2              Column 3                   Column 4

   1                         1                           2                              1

   5                         6                           3                              3

   7                         7                           4                              4

   9                         9                           5                              7



I want column 1 as my first digit paired with each of the column 2 digits and then combined with the possibilities of the 3/4 columns. 

Here is an example of what I looking for...

1121 1123 1124 1127
1131 1133 1134 1137
1141 1143 1144 1147
1151 1153 1154 1157
1621 1623 1624 1627
1631 1633 1634 1637
1641 1643 1644 1647
1651 1653 1654 1657
1721 1723 1724 1727
1731 1733 1734 1737
1921 1923 1924 1927
1931 1933 1934 1937

These were using the 1 in column 1 and paired with column 2 then combined with columns 3 & 4 digits.

I would like this to use all of the numbers paired with column 1 and 2... so the 5, 7, 9, and 0 would be paired with 1,6,7, 9 of column 2 and also using the third position rotation with the 4th digit.


Can anyone create this in excel?  Thank you.

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Are you using the digits as cold,hot,etc.?

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In response to lakerben

These are all cold digits from the week before.  I think it creates about 240 numbers on average... alot less than 10,000 so a cost of about $60 on line... but for .25 cents the cost would be $60 a day to win $2250.  Even if it took 6 days to still have a great profit.   I back checked the previous 3 weeks and had a straight hit in each week.... its just to time consuming to write each one out.... thus an excel sheet that does that for you, would save hours each week.

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In response to Rakster

Great idea!

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In response to Rakster

If you download LotSoftPro, there is a hot - cold counter on it that will let you do what you're looking for. The counter is on the registered version. You can ask if it is on the free version that LottoBux has the info for. The counter is on both the Pick 3 and Pick 4 versions. Good  Luck!!!

Just go on the LotSoftPro thread that LottoBux has. All the info to do it is there.

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Thanks for the info grwurston.

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In response to Rakster

Did any one respond to this? I'd like to use it.


Hi Lakerben could the RB index excel be upgraded to do this the same as the P3 system?

Unfortunately i`m not program literate thus just a suggestion:=)))!

I did the P3 with column 1 2 3 and second with 2 3 4 if put next to each other seems to get to the same result as above.


one could also regulate the input on the P4 to determine lowest shown for past draws as far as one want.

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In response to Pick147

I tried 20 draws on the input to the rb program and the output didn't change. 

I think rakster has a good idea here.  It would be nice to use for tonight.

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Same as my Suduko pick 4 system that gives's done, base of last hit using _1+1, -2+2

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In response to Goseahawks

What suduka system?

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I'm using this for tonight.

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If I was an expert at excel I would help.  I think the idea is great. I'm going to try the idea for tonight.

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