Emotion or logic when predicting winning numbers?


Do you use emotion or logic as your guide when predicting winning numbers and playing? How well has this worked for you or which do you think is better?

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Have to use logic, emotions are so flaky!

You think you have the numbers, emotions get in the way, making you go back

and forth on number selections.

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In response to Pick3geniu$

Math, of course...!!

Math is not emotional...when it comes to lotteries..

Banana But , I will admit to getting a little emotional when I come across 36-24-36.!

Wondering, what are the probabilities of hittin THAT Lottery..!! Wink

No Pity! "Ooh, why must I, why must I, why must I chase the Cat?

Ain't nuttin but the dog in me"..!!

-Stat$talker Type


Im bad at lotto.  I try to use stats but rarely win unless i throw a lot of money at it making it high risk high reward. If I play more normally not full ranges or all series numbers when due I'm horrible.

In the past 5 weeks I won one time playing just a few numbers every draw and it was during the start of a family crisis.  I just last minute played family birthday numbers and my moms hit.  Put zero thought into it.

Ever since have carefully picked numbers and lost every time.

I feel like the more I learn the more ways I see it can go and makes it harder than it used to be. Won more often when I knew less.

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In response to Mattchu

"If I play more normally not full ranges or all series numbers when due I'm horrible."

Sounds like you're using some sort of software... so what is it?...

Things would turn out better if you coupled your analysis with Probability...


hello, you can only go mathematically to some extent about 80% of the bet, or 75% in the lotteries the rest will be random, pareto law 80/20

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In response to dr san

No No Pareto is a Principle, NOT a Law..!!

It is used to describe the distribution of Wealth ..that's based on observation..!! So , exactly what point are you trying to make?... and Crazy how seemingly can you associate such 2 disjunct philosophical terms?...

It has no place in DivineProbability...!!!


-Stat$talker Type


hello satt  if you play at random you will have a 20% chance, if you play with mathematical calculations 80% of any prizes happening

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In response to dr san

ROFL I disagree...!!!

Anyone who's ever won with a QP has disproven your notion..!!


hello stat but how would you solve the problem? of the doubles inverted on 6/49 or similar, now if you play 23 you can’t play 32, because it’s your inverted or capicua but the number 32 is drawn next,

  or from a group 23,45,89,60 = do not play your winter = 32,54,98,06, but half of them 32,06,54 are not drawn in the draw, how can we solve this problem? in the draws of 6/49 it is very unusual to have the pairs of polymers or inverts example 34.43 or have 34 or have 43 together both, how to solve?

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"predicting winning numbers"

Without knowing which lottery game or which type of predicting you mean, it's difficult to give a honest answer. If you're talking about one of the challenges or the one a days, you'll probably get a different answer than the predictors and a different answer from players purchasing tickets. 

I've picked many combos just for the heck of it and picked numbers for wheels many times, but don't believe my picks were based on emotions. Some play birthdays, anniversaries etc. and while it's obvious those numbers have meaning, I doubt doing that is based on emotions. The PowerBall website says using tongue-in-cheek says that 70% of tickets sales are QPs and while I suppose some players emotionally purchase QP, I never have.

Each drawn lottery game has a large number of possible outcomes, PB and MM games have over 292 million outcomes so logically picking numbers that will match enough of the drawn number to win a prize is next to impossible. And because of that I voted "none of the above".

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LUCK overrides them both.


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In response to dr san

Dr.Truthfully?... I would solve such a problem by 1st of all to Never consider such a notion.!!.. It's MOOT..!!..

Probability of an event in Lotteries aren't so sub-setable...

Roll Eyes It's akin to setting out for the opposite Coast of the Country, only to travel around the Moon to get there..!!

Crazy  If you haven't yet pulled out all your hair by now?,'ve got to be getting real close to doing so...

As Raven62 told you... It's YOUR Baby!!,..I refuse to ponder such Mathematical redundancy..!!


-Stat$talker Type

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In response to Pick3geniu$

"All great men are gifted with intuition. They know without reason or analysis, what they need to know."

~ Alex Carrel, French surgeon & biologist awarded the Nobel prize for Physiology or medicine in 1912 for pioneering vascular suturing techniques.

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