All of my excel work books for the pick 3 and pick 4 draws.


Was digging out my work I've done on the 3 and 4 draws and decided to upload all of it here so anyone who is interested in it can have access to it. Most of it will be statistical reference material that may or may not be useful to some. I will also embed videos that will show how to input all your draws, how each works and what they do. The videos will all be on my youtube channel and stay there. The workbooks will stay in their uploaded location and they will stay there. So unless those site go defunct, they will be there until they do.

I will embed each video here with each workbook so they will not be confusing  to what is what. If Todd feels this would be better off in the mathematical forum then that's fine with me. They may be more suitable for the math forum, but I'll leave that up to the admin. I just want them up here and out there for whomever wishes to see what they can with them.

Most of these will not start to show you what to play, so if that's what you're looking for, most of these will not do that. If however, you wish to get an inside glimpse of what your draws are doing, then these will pretty much show you what is going on.

My ideas on these draws and the work that I've put into them is NOT FOR SALE. This is all free for whomever wants to try it out and use it. It is simply something that I enjoy doing and working on to see what is what.

Most of these book will handle 10,000 draws worth of data so they will should hold you into the future fairly far. These will all work as day to day and evening to evening draws only. I look at those as separate entities and treat them as such. There is a DAY draw and an EVENING draw, not a pick 3 draw at 11:00 AM and another at 11:00 PM. In my eyes, if they wasn't separate, there wouldn't be two names for them. If there was no difference in them, then we could mix each states draws all together and it wouldn't make any difference. They are different and I think need to be treated as such. So, be prepared for that if using these. I'm sure you could mix them both in together with most of these, but not sure how they would calculate or if they would correctly. Here they'll be though if anyone wants to get a copy of them.

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Thank you for sharing!


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You're welcome and thank you MzDuffleBagLady!

Might be some useful info in this mess of work.

I hope so!

Best of luck to you also!


This book tracks all singles, doubles and triples that occur. It isn't going to show you what to play by no means, but it will show you what the best odds to play are. Depending on how you use it. I revised them on the input sheet so that you can either put your numbers in say cell B2, B3 and B4 as #1, #2 and #3 or you can input as #1#2#3 (740 for example) and it will still sort it all out for you. All the books I upload will have this capability.

This book will tell you how many single draws you've had, like 123, how many doubles, like 112 and how many triples you've had. (You all know what a triple is.) LOL. It will show you how many draws are in between each in their own sections. You will know what number has been drawn the most for each. How many of each you've had. How many singles, doubles and trips per month have happened along with the months being ranked for fast checking. How many numbers per month and those ranked for you. If you want to know how your games have done as far as stats on this stated, this will show it. A full explanation of how, what and where will be in the video.

This is the book. Right now it is a 136 MB book with no draws entered in it and you can throw 10,000 draws in it to test.

Pick 3 Singles, doubles and triples stats.


Here is the video tutorial. (Yes that is my voice on here. LOL. I am just an old dumb hillbilly, so please look over that.) As long as it is understandable, I guess that's all that matters. I can and will answer any questions on any of these that are needed.

Note: At about the 18:20 mark, I say that about half the time etc., it's actually about half a percentage of the time. Just to clarify that up. You are most certainly NOT going to have triples half the time on average. Wouldn't that be nice though?Smile Anywho, here is this book and video on it. I'd recommend to download, make a copy and name one for the day draws and the other for the evening draws. As I've said, they will work to combine both, I think, but are designed to separate them for the best results. These will be there and here for as long as they are up and allowed. I WILL NOT TAKE THEM DOWN!


Thank you to all and best of luck to all!


While I'm sure this is common knowledge on here, there may be some that has no idea. There may also be some that can use this in some other form or fashion.

For the Pick 3 draws there is 0-9 for each position for options. That means there are 1,000 combinations that are to be chosen out of to win and that's what gives the 1:1000 odds. 000-999.

Broken down smallest to largest and all the repeats taken out there is actually only 220 distinct combinations and that can, playing COMBOS, or ANY make your odds actually 1:220.

For the Pick 4, there are 10,000 combinations which is the 1:10,000 odds. 0000-9999

Broken down smallest to largest and all the repeats taken out, there are actually only 715 distinct combinations and again, you drop your odds from 1:10,000 down to 1:715 by playing COMBOS or ANY ticket plays.

This book will show you every combination for both, straight and distinct. Might help someone out there somehow.

Pick 3 & 4 combinations and distinct combinations.

Again, any questions, please ask. Any problems downloading, please let me know so I can correct it. Anyone sees any problems in the calculations, again, let me know. Should be right on the money though. No need for a video on this one. It's self explanatory. Anyone sees a way to use it better, or applies something to the data, SHARE IT WITH THE REST OF THE CLAN! LOL This book is completely unlocked so when you download it, if you do, you will have free reign over it so you can either use the book you download or just copy the data out of it to implement it into whatever your needs are.


When downloading these, click on download file and click SAVE on the open dialog box. Don't download and click OPEN with Excel or whatever program you are using these with. Most of these will be locked as far as doing any changes to the main calculations. Most will be only open to putting your data into on the input sheets. The calculation formulas you will not be able to get into. Just be sure to save and not open directly. Please and thank you!


Thank you Greenfox! for sharing I downloaded the pick3 clicked save file

In response to Oscargrouch05$

You are surely welcome Oscargrouch05$! All I've done on these games will be available.

Best of luck to you and hope you get some good out of them!

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Thank you for the video and Excel file.

Very good work!!




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Hey winsum!

You know you are VERY WELCOME! And thank you! Getting the rest as I can.

Just hope some can get some use out of it all.

Thank you brother!

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Hello tokecap.

You are very welcome and thank you for the reply!

Hope you and all enjoy!


This book is for the Pick 3 and the Pick 4. If you play both, it may help you see what is going on with your draws. It is another statistical book that will not show you what to play, but it may help you see that if you do play both that maybe, just maybe you can play some of or most of your numbers in both games. It will compare the draws to one another and let you know how many times that a number showed up in both draws on the same day/mid day/evening/etc. It is a little trickier to fill in to let it run but it is explained in the video and if something is not understood, I can always explain what is needed. Just have to ask. It will only accept 5,000 draws as opposed to the 10,000 that most of these others will handle. Like here though, we have had far less daytime Pick 4 draws than we have had daytime Pick 3 draws so it kind of evens out. The corrections stated in the video have been made. None of which affected the book, it was only a visual error. They calculate as they are supposed to and will show you what they are supposed to. The only thing not mentioned in the video is once you get your draws pasted into the View and Sums page, you will only need to input your new draws on that page. The first sheet is just to get you going. Once you get the View and Sums sheet updated with draws, you will not need that sheet any longer unless you just want to use it to reverse your data for some other use. Again, please click SAVE once you get to the open dialog box and save then make as many copies as you wish. These are all macro free books and clean. Some sheets are locked with a password to ensure those sheets formulas are not altered. Those sheets require nothing but viewing so there is no need in changing anything on them.

Here is the link to the book it's self:

Pick 3 & Pick 4 Matches Comparison Excel Book


Here is the video tutorial and instructions to use:


These books will track your followers for you. Give you statistics on every draw of what has happened. It is for the Pick 3 and the Pick 4 draws. The Pick 3 book is done and ready to use now but I have a little cleaning up to do on the Pick 4 book. I will put a link for the Pick 3 book for any player that wants it here along with the video about it. These books will handle 10,000 draws so if done with one book for day draws, one for evening etc, it should give you plenty of years to put more draws into. Which again, these are designed with day and evening as completely separate games anyway. This one should be able to handle day to evening pretty easily if you choose to use it that way though. Just not going to get as many draws out of it that way. I think this book will be pretty useful as it not only shows you all your stats, it shows you games that each follower occurred on and stats on that. Like last time 0 was followed by 1, how many draws back that happened and on what game it happened on in just a second of looking. You can see all your stats for picks 1,2 and 3 on one sheet without rolling and sheet swapping. I can't believe I forgot about this one. What happens when we get old I guess though. The video will explain it in detail for whomever wants to try it and download it. If anyone has any questions on using it, or what is what, just ask. Any of this that I upload. If anyone sees some way that it can be transformed to make it spit out playable numbers, or anything I upload, just get with me with a reply. If you think it's useless or something is wrong, you can give a reply about that also. I'm open to criticism and want whatever I do done right so, lay it to it.

Here is the book link:

Pick 3 Follower stats Excel Book


Here is the video guide:


One thing I need to mention on these is on the input sheets. All the cells that contain your numbers drawn that are empty NEED TO HAVE a ? question mark in them for them to calculate correctly. Especially for draws that need to be reversed. If you are seeing errors or wrong data, make sure to fill each of the number input cells either at the top or the bottom with a ? then drag up or down to fill all those cells top to bottom, then paste your draw data in. The empty cells that the dates go in will also need a ? in them. The empty cells that you can just type in 123 or 1234 will need to have ??? or ???? respectively also. You don't see them because of formatting, mainly because I don't want to look at a bunch of ?'s and the artistic side of me wants these to look as good as they perform. I can handle having less than perfect, but eats my soul to not do as close to perfect as possible. For another thing, the question marks makes programming faster for me. I don't have the skills that winsum, Jade, Mrb (don't want to leave anyone out, but there's plenty that is far superior than I am at Excel) and a lot of these other programmers have so I have to improvise what I do to make it where I can make it happen. It's just faster for me to use a symbol in some formulas than it is to make it look for an ERROR or a BLANK cell. It also rids those cells of being 0, which I do not want just showing up at all if it is not supposed to be there. If there is any problems with this, just get with me about it if you need to and I'll walk you through it. Or you may not want to deal with them period or the hassle. Either way, I'll help all I can with whatever about them.

Thanks to all and best of luck!

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