Have you ever seen lottery numbers in your dream?

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more of a fun topic here... Wink I've heard stories about people dreaming about lottery numbers, then playing them and then winning. Personally I have never had such luck. Did anyone experienced something like that? or do you know anyone who did?

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I have on multiple occasions I once dreamed somebody told me to play 123 straight and straight box  and another time someone gave me a $ 1 and told me to play 731 sb  both dreams come true usually with in 7 days

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Yes Nod i dream numbers all the time but the big/1 i miss which was 8888 i played it for six daysHiding Behind Computer 10x day and night it came out on the 7th day by this time my money had ran out but this number was in the sky in white letters so i knew it was a sure hitThud


Dreamt yesterday number came in Maryland s8 today 1962.....didn't play this morning.

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I dreamed yelling omg 418 came and I didn't play it. So been playing it on and off in Florida.

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Yes plenty of them ...more recent I dreamed about talking to my Dad(deceased) and before I woke up I saw in red and yellow the numbers 507 came 3 days later...I also dreamed my mom and dad were at a table and my mom yelled twice "triple 4s fell again" and my Dad through a stack of tickets on the table and yelled D@##it..I looked the stack of a out 10 tickets all read came straight soon after but I missed it and yeah I was mad as ever. But yeah numbers dreams say alot!!!$$$

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