Predictions system scheduled to be OFFLINE Sunday, Jan. 26

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Back in November I had announced that Lottery Post's predictions system would need to be taken offline for at least one day at some point in the future to do some very important re-working of the database.  We have now come to that point.

In the announcement I had polled the membership to ask which day of the week was best for taking the predictions system offline, and the general consensus was that a Sunday would be best.

So the way I'll work this is that I won't take the system offline Sunday until after 10:00 am Eastern Time, which should allow everyone time to post any all-states predictions that they wish to post for the day (since those picks need to be posted by 10:00 am).

I'm not sure exactly how long the predictions system will be offline, but I expect to complete everything in one day (Sunday).  I anticipate bringing the system back online by Sunday evening, but it could be earlier or later depending on how things go.  It's an absolutely huge database, which makes timing difficult to estimate.

I will try to minimize any impacts to the main Lottery Post website, but if you do notice any slowdowns or temporary offline conditions, please be aware that it is probably caused by the work I am doing to the predictions system, and will most likely be back to normal very soon.

If I have any updates I will reply on this thread, so please keep an eye on this thread Sunday while the predictions system is offline.

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Thanks Todd, I'll put Eve reminders on my threads.


Thank you! for the reminder

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Thumbs Up

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Thank You ToddSun Smiley

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Thanks for letting us know Todd!See Ya!

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Just a quick update to let everyone know the predictions work is still on schedule to start right after 10:00 am Eastern Time.

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Maintenance is underway. It looks like I will be able to keep the website online, although as you may have noticed there will be periodic slowdowns.  Unfortunately there is nothing more I can do about that than I am already doing.  It's just the nature of moving so much data around.

So please be patient with any website performance issues you may be experiencing today.

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The predictions system is now re-opened!

Although I have done a lot of testing and things look good, please be sure to keep a careful eye on all the predictions that you post and let me know if anything seems "off" in any way.

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Celebrating the completion of the prediction system maintenance, I am happy to deliver a surprise new feature that nobody was expecting:

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Way To Go Todd

Record Time

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