Rework the Lower Tier Prizes for MM & PB.

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Currently, many of the lower tier prizes for MM & PB do not reflect the odds of winning.

Would you play or play more if you knew you were going to get something back that reflects the odds?

I'd like to see more money put back in the hands of the players.

How about you?

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I would like to see a rework of both Mega Millions and PowerBall matrices to factor in greater chances for more lower tier prizes. I feel there would be less game fatigue and a greater willingness to buy a ticket when the game rolls over.


I agree.  I got 4 out of 5 regular numbers on Powerball (my best result) and about had a heart attack when I began seeing the matching numbers.  But then I realized it only pays $100.  Luckily I had spent the extra $1 for the power play and won $300 but it still haunts me what could have been.

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In response to ieatdirt

The odds on hitting 4 of 5 and no PB is 1 in 36,525.1673

With odds like that, the payout on $1.00 should be around $3,500.00.

$2.00 should be $7,000.00.

$3.00 would be $10,500.00.

But that's just our opinion.

Yeah, it's awful getting only $300 on a $3.00 play.

That's only $100 for every $1.00 of your hard earned money.

Could have been a lot more.

Good Luck.

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In response to JADELottery

These odds are harder than hitting a straight in Pick 4: 1 in 10,000.

At least with Pick 4 you get $5,000.00 on a $1.00 play.


The powerball is a very expensive game. I always add the power play option. That's all good when you hit the powerball once in awhile. But it adds up fast when you don't hit anything. I added up my losing tickets a few weeks ago over a years time. Down $1700 betting on the powerball. Best hit was a 3 of 5 and a 2 of 5 with the powerball on multiple tickets. Starting to switch over to the rolling cash five in Ohio. Much better odds and only a buck. Already hit 4 of 5 this year. So that's my main game for now. I'll play the powerball when there's a strong imbalance in the counts.


My advice is always, always play the extra $1.00 for either the Power Play, or Megaplier. It's not optional, the multiplier is where you make the money, especially if the 10X ball is drawn. When the Powerball was over a Billion dollars, in January 2016, the 10X ball was drawn, so just the bonus ball was $40.00

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In response to Cmoore50

Not only that.

Imagine now playing both MM & PB each week.

That's $8.00 a line; $12.00 a line if you're multiplying it.

We had to stop, because we're getting back next to nothing for our hard earned dollars.

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In response to Big Joey

Unfortunately, in PB, the x10 multiplier does not apply to the 5 out of 5 and no PB.

If you're thinking the x10 would give you $10,000,000.00, it doesn't.

All you get is $2,000,000 for any multiplier, x3, x4, x5 and x10.

If you're thinking you be happy with $2,000,000, good.

They need players who'd passively accept an under paid win.

I'd rather see you win $10,000,000.

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The 10x multiplier is not an option after the pool gets over 150 million now..I'm not sure when they made that change, but that's how it is now.

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If you hit 3 or 4 balls with no powerball. You still get the multiplier if you played the powerplay. The 5 of 5 is maxed at 2 million no matter which multiplier comes up.

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In response to Cmoore50

MM does multiply 5 out of 5 and no MB.

So, $1,000,000 becomes
x2 - $2,000,000
x3 - $3,000,000
x4 - $4,000,000
x5 - $5,000,000

It's one of the few points working in MM's favor.

But, we still don't play.

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In response to konane

The game has been geared toward Jackpot Junkies & Zombies.

The focus needs to shift to people like me who think the Jackpot is just the icing on the cake.

I enjoy the lower layers just as much as the top.

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In response to JADELottery

As far as multipliers go, I really don't care.

Unless the multiplier is always x3 or higher, it's a loosing gamble.

For most plays, last time I checked, 5 x $0.00 is still $0.00.

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I play MM and PB and really would be happy with the second prize. I usually powerplay and megaply because at my age 2 million or more is instant retirement. Plus, the odds for second prize are less than half the odds of my state's lotto game. It is $3 opposed to $1 for Tx Lotto, but the odds difference is significant.

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