Holiday Raffle Drawings

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Hi Everyone. Happy New Year. Happy New Decade.


I got 2 raffle tickets in PA and 2 raffle tickets in VA. VA sold out before I could get more. 


I am curious if anyone in PA has gotten a raffle ticket in the last 24 hours; PA does this annoying thing were they don't always post how many tickets are left. I am contemplating a trip to get more tickets.

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I bought 6 raffle tickets from Minnesota 

& 4 raffle tickets from Montana.... All tickets were losers. 

Idaho has their Raffle drawing tomorrow and I have 2 tickets 🤞🏻


Hey winningin2016, I can't answer your question on PA and suggest you call them if you don't get your answer here, though on the topic of raffles:

I like Canada's Lotto 6/49 as it has a separate though included with the ticket guaranteed $1mil. (Canadian Dollars) every draw, so it's essentially a $1mil. CAD raffle every drawing.

They don't use the word raffle though it's the same thing.

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In response to winningin2016

Here's the List of Winning PA Millionaire Raffle Ticket Numbers:

Here's the List of Winning VA Millionaire Raffle Ticket Numbers:

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