Telling Your Children You've Won The Lottery

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We all know how it is, tell the kids your weight or spouse's real age and suddenly everyone knows.  Kids love to spread any information others will pay them attention to hear tell, especially adults they want to impress.  If you don't want everyone to know you won the lottery, why would you tell the kids?  Not saying spouses can keep secrets either, but that's another poll.

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I wouldn't tell the kids. They would brag about it to the other kids and before you know it, their parents know it too. After that their extended family knows and the riff-raft start plotting a way to scam or rob you. ROFLROFLROFL

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The kids as young adults in their mid/late 20's/30's ??? Tough call on that one Bob. One of mine isn't chatty at all, extremely grounded, got a Masters degree at 21, not on social media, professional, discreet and is very squared away. The others?..Hoooooleeeee Crap !.No way in hell !!!!!!!..They just talk to make noise.They couldnt keep a secret to save their own lives !!!!

As far as other family is concerned ? NOOOOOPE ! NADDA ! DENIED !  DISREGARD !!!

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LOL, I only have 1, he'll be 20 in a couple days, I would tell him, he would have so much fun watching me shop.Green laugh

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I have 3. 26,30, and 37. All are responsible and 2 of them are well to do, one still lives at home and makes good money, one is married and her husband makes good money, one lives by herself and is good but struggles financially. I would tell them, and one of the reasons I really want to win a decent jackpot is to help the one that off student loans. Of course, I would make sure they understand that they couldn't blab it to friends, and I know I can trust them to keep quiet.

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coudn't have found a better pic myself, Raven62 Thumbs Up


At the reading of the will. I just need to find your name. I think its somewhere in here.

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Reading of the Lottery Winnings Last Will &Testament:

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  As a young adult, 17 or 18 years old, I would love to have been informed on all types of issues. Lottery win, pre-marital sex, college debt, owning a car, a revocable living trust.

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Self-Education: The key to living the life you want: To live the life you want, to grow and experience life to the fullest; You need to take your own education and learning into your own hands teaching yourself to learn a particular skill on your own.

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  I Agree! Raven62. We stand on the shoulders of giants who have left us or are still alive. Their thoughts have been kept inside books and electronic data storage. 

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I voted for "11-15" b/c I don't think it's possible to keep a secret of such magnitude from that age on up, maybe even from the next younger range.  They're gonna know something is up when they see mom and dad's matching BMWs in the driveway and the new pool being dug in the backyard.

In one of the threads about anonymity a person in here quoted an article about some winners not telling their children, even though they were in Britain and claimed anonymously.  I wanted to know how the writer of the article knew who they were if they were anonymous winners.

I don't know how anyone could keep something like a lottery win secret from not just their children, but the rest of their family...siblings, parents, cousins, aunts and uncles.  It's a dilemma, because while winners being killed is a very rare event, the majority of the murders come at the hands of their family, not from strangers.

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"I don't know how anyone could keep something like a lottery win secret from not just their children, but the rest of their family"

Anyone who thinks they can take home  several million or more, continue to associate normally with their family, and also keep their lottery win a secret is probably delusional. The only way family isn't going to know that something is up is if they're very stupid or unobservant, or if there's no noticeable change to your lifestyle.

It might not be obvious if you go on more vacations and spend more on the vacations, or that you're no longer worried about how much you need for retirement, but how many people will show much restraint? If you suddenly move to a house that costs 50 to 200% more than what you've been living in and/or switch from a 25k Honda to a 50k Acura anyone people who know how you used to live are going to notice the changes.

"the majority of the murders come at the hands of their family"

I'd rather avoid the publicity tin order to avoid strangers asking for handouts, but since strangers wouldn't get my money my when I die I'm not worried about that. I'm not worried about family (though I've got a nephew who used to hang out with some serious morons), but I think the "trust but verify" concept is worthwhile. I'd make sure that friends and family knew that any benefits they might get as a result of my good fortune would die with me.

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