I feel like a failure!😥 I've spent over 200.00 this month and did not win anything. I am picking all the wrong numbers. How do you pick your numbers? Someone please help!


People think they can get rich playing the lottery. I’m not so sure about that. Think about it. Spending and then spending again, and again. By the time you get paid, what do you end up with. Take away what you spent,  whether or not you played the correct order, and you don’t get paid that much in the end. But anyways, pick 1 number and just hold onto it. That would be what $60 by the end of the month. If it comes, you get $80. This is why it’s not easy to bet. So for one number, you’re looking at $20 back on top of what you spent. Double what you spend, what $40? I mean this is a vague example, but the point is pretty much the same. That $200 is not easy to get back, considering the payouts in the first place. Some people scratch, they say at least I get something back, but then if they lose they always say the next one. Be careful of falling in that hole. Triples are a good way to play, but they have to come. Anyways, good luck.

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Hello Cd461bSee Ya!

As we get near the end of the month I start looking at pairs that haven't drop yet. I usually work with one pair at a time watch your pending pairs you will get a hit.

South Carolina PAIRS still due for October 00• 22• 44• 66• 01• 13• 15• 18 and 67

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At the beginning of every month I pick a few(2) maybe 3 MAX HOT numbers. I try my best to play just those numbers as my number drop I will pick up another HOT number. Near the end is when I start watching SC pending pairs. 

Good luck!

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South Carolina just drop 01 pairSee Ya!

Evening  401**10/19/19

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