Do You always check your tickets?

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There have been times where I've left Dry Cleaning behind after

paying for it, left my Wallet in the Grocery Cart after discarding the Cart.

One time even tried to make a grilled cheese sandwich with the wrapper still

on the cheese as it cooked. Do you trust the clerk to get it right?See Ya!

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Fill out the play slips. If there's a mistake, then it's on you.

If the clerk prints them out it's your responsibility to make sure they are right. Do it before you leave the store. Some clerks couldn't care less about the lottery, would you trust one of them?

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I trust clerks to scan my lottery pay slips correctly as much as I trust them to scan my Diet Coke and chips correctly. I always check that the numbers on the ticket match the numbers I bubbled in and I don't recall there ever being a mismatch. 

I do wonder about the entitled mentality of people who give their lottery numbers to the clerks verbally rather than filling out a pay slip (unless they're disabled and physically can't.) Gas station/C-store clerks are not paid that much and it wastes more of their time to deal with verbal instructions than to scan a slip. Not the mention, they often don't speak English well, so you're needlessly risking a miscommunication. If you have money to waste on the lottery, you have time to bubble in your numbers.

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