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Alright I’ll give it to you. Multiply both Sundays draws together and then divide the result by the sum of the same Sunday draws, the sum based on lotto math. Ok example for all y’all.

New Mexico Sunday Draws Feb. 10th. 

344x532=183,008. Divided by 876 = 208.

add 208 to 344 and 532 lotto math. What do you get lol?

208+344=542+532=074. 047 next draw New Mexico.

Take 519 and 739 in NY on the 17th. Multiply=383,541. But this time add them on a calculator, if you don’t get why well just look at the numbers, they go over 1000. So 519+739=1258.

383,541 divided by 1258= 304.

304 + 519= 813. 813+739 = 542. 542 straight February 23 rd.

Have fun with this.

Last year I caught 545 for $5,000 on a Saturday in NY based solely on this. 

The goal is to pick a winning number. A winning number. Good luck.

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That's a neat find, Soledad. I wrote up a Python script in case anyone wants to automate it


# args are 3-digit strings in quotes, ex: "123"
def p3_prodsum(str1,str2):
  if int(str1)+int(str2)<1000:
  while len(quotient)<3:
  return newstr1+newstr2+newstr3


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To make this even better, replace the two print statements at the end with the following:

import os
_=os.system('clear') # If on Windows, change clear to cls

num1 = raw_input('Enter the first Pick 3 winning numbers: ')
num2 = raw_input('Enter the second Pick 3 winning numbers: ')

print '\nPrediction of next Pick 3 winning numbers: ' + p3_prodsum(num1,num2)


Is the concept is still the same for states that have one drawing a day? I just have to use two Sunday's together and play the numbers on the up coming Saturday.

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Good question. I’m not sure. I looked at Oklahoma, and didn’t see anything. Then looked at Louisiana and noticed the week of Jan 27. 454 was Sunday’s draw and 109 was Monday’s draw. 

So, 454x109 and divided by 553 is 089. 089+454=433+109=532. 532 came straight on the 1st of February which was Friday. 

The Sunday draw the following week was 449, and it showed nothing with 454. I would maybe think at first of Monday because it’s consecutive with the last draw.

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Hey Soledad, so this system can predict Saturday Midday or evening Number?

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I wouldn’t say every single time. No I wouldn’t say that. But at times yes. This week the result would be 904. And 419 came yesterday. It can definitely help with watching pairs I believe. I will still be playing 904 on Saturday, and maybe 954. There’s definitely a pattern when it works. Look at the weeks of January 13th and Jan 20th in NY:

Jan 13 



119x655 divided by 764=102

Jan 20th



115x679 divides by 784=099.

Well look at January 21 draws. 909 midday and 102 evening. 

Yes the result from my first post is what I like to think about, but sometimes other parts or pieces also play into it.


Look at Maryland February 24th.



570x405 divided by 975=236.


110 came on midday January 25th, one week after 011 came on the 18th. Statistically high for sum 2.


*once last year I saw 302 fall as 032 on a Wednesday in September in NY.


I just wonder . What do you mean both Sunday draws? What. Both Sundays?

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Thank you for your message, although there’s really no need to ask or clarify. Someone else was asking about states that have only one draw, so perhaps you got confused by that question thinking it was what I was talking about. But it’s not. I live in NY, where we have 2 drawings daily. Both drawings on Sunday. That’s what I mean. All you had to do was check the results page with the example that I showed. You would see for yourself ok. I really made it quite clear with dates and everything. I’m not sure what it is you’re asking, but I have answered it.

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We don't have drawings on Sunday in Texas, just Monday thru Saturday (4 a day)

I liked it enough to automate it in Libre Office. It doesn't offer the same options as Excel so I'm not sure how to proceed in Libre. Excel is on the Win7 machine connected to the CNC so once I get a chance I'll see if I can knock out a nice spreadsheet for those interested. 

I've written it where you put in the numbers in the green box, hit enter and the spreadsheet does the rest.....





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Thanks gary I'm ready to test!

Thanks for your time,

I'll download when you are ready.

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Sure garyo. Yeah Texas is a little different from any other state. I looked at Texas last year and found something interesting with this idea. Let me show you. It’s similar but not the same. Look

Texas Monday Draws January 7th Monday:





ok now what I would do in Texas is multiply the first 3, and then divide by the fourth two times. Look-

219x946x570 divided by 706 twice=236. 236 str on Jan. 9th

The following Monday in Texas:





755x896x290 divided by 619 twice=512. 251 on Saturday.

I was a bit surprised how this worked in Texas, but was very encouraged by it also.

Also, I just noticed looking at this that the adding did work on the first example as well, 236 added to 219,946,570, and 706 by lotto math gives 557, and you have 755 first draw on Monday. I’d look further into this to see if it would or should also be included.

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Just do not know my way around Libre Office worth a squat! I started going through the examples you've given and realized I need to rewrite some of the formulas to include lottery math.

Just need to familiarize myself with Libre, its conventions, and where things are (and what they are called). It does save in Excel format so this should run in Excel. Have to check that too. 

Have the knock the cobwebs out and think about how to do this once more. LOL 

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