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So I am watching how the Lotto America is going and here is what I see so far-

5 games in and REPEATS already and LOW numbers hitting but no jackpot hits!! 

White balls with 2 hits


White balls with 1 hit


Star Ball with 2 hits


Start Ball with 1 hit



So low numbers have dominated in white balls, and the ONLY numbers to hit in 5 plays for the Star Ball is the 6,8 & 9 - WOW!

I thought for sure when I saw the 11/25 drawing that someone would hit the Jackpot since it was all birthday numbers (all below 32) - but NOPE!

Wonder how long this game goes before someone hits the Jackpot, and how crazy the repeats will get?? 

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I hope it continues to roll until someone wins a Lotto America Jackpot in the year 2018!


And of course more repeats last night 

22 & 47 in the white balls 

6 for the star ball, so the 6 & 8 have hit 2 times each 

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What's the largest jackpot in Hot Lotto or Lotto America history DELotteryPlyr?

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Lotto America just started but, the biggest hot lotto jackpot was $19.9M annuity won by someone in Iowa back in 2007.

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What's the current jackpot right now in Lotto America?

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$16.07M  $10.09M cash

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Update the jackpot if it continues to roll please. Thank you!


Here is what came out 12/6

18 - already hit once

29 - already hit once

37 - first hit

39 - already hit once

42 - first hit 

Start Ball 4 - first time hitting

So 10 numbers have already hit 2 times 

15 have hit one time

27 have NOT hit yet

Star ball - 3 hitting two times already and one hitting once, leaves six withno hits.

no one hit the jackpot so....



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What was the star ball in the last draw? How many white balls were drawn that were drawn for the first time in the last draw? How many white balls haven't been drawn yet before?

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Last draw 2-5-7-22-25 star ball 2

2-5-7 were all 1 hit numbers, so now at 2 hits.

22-25 were 2 hit numbers, so now at 3 hits.

so here are the new totals.

White balls with 3 hits 


White balls with 2 hits


White balls with 1 hit


Star balls with 2 hits


Star balls with 1 hit


So there are just about as many 2 hit white balls as 1 hit white balls and the 3 hit white balls have started.

No one hit the jackpot -



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Went to Delaware yesterday, picked up 10 draws of this game since the JP is high right now,

not sure if I'll play this regular or not.


Jackpot still not hit, gonna try a couple of lines for the first time tonight.

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Thank you for posting this info. Anything helps.

I'm surprised it has not hit yet.

I plan to keep buying extra tickets until the jp hits then I'll scale back a bit. I am not into this game as much as Hot Lotto, but it's still so much better than Powerball and Mega.

Good Luck everyone!

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Funny I am thinking the same thing. Liked Hot Lotto the best.  Not sure about this game yet, but its better than Mega & Power. 

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In response to DELotteryPlyr

I did pretty well on the hot lotto but not so much on this game so far. I've been playing 5 lines each drawing but haven't won anything in the past 2 weeks.


ok, so here is where we are for White balls

5 digit leads the pack with 4 hits

16,22,25 with 3 hits

1,2,4,7,9,23,26,29,34,39,47 with 2 hits

6,8,12,24,27,28,31,32,37,38,41,42,44,45,46,50,51 with 1 hit

and the zero list -


Star balls

2,6,8,9 with 2 hits

3,4,5 with 1 hit

1,7,10 with ZERO hits

gonna give it a try this weekend, sprinkle balls that hit with one or two that have not. 

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Since they don't offer this game yet here in NH I've been making the 4 mile round trip drive to the closest Maine lottery retailer to play Lotto America. Done ok so far hitting $5 winners twice and also a few $2 winners. I've been buying 5 lines per draw plus any previous draw winnings. I've been much luckier with this game than I was with Hot Lotto, and I'll probably keep dropping $5 plus winnings per draw on this game until the JP is finally won.


Won $8 had the star ball #5 on my 5 lines with the all star bonus.

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In response to C0w Pi3

12/23 I had the 51+ 5 with the 4x I think that's worth $8


If you have the 5 on 5 lines isn't that $10 ?

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We'll go to sudden death if there are no Lotto America jackpot winning tickets in the year 2017 DELotteryPlyr!

In response to haymaker

Nah I mean I had the 5 on one of my 5 lines but I had the 4x bonus which means I got $8.

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Did anyone hit the jackpot last night?



Current annuity jackpot is
$17.46 Million
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This is the last chance for Lotto America to win their jackpot in the year 2017. If they do, that's great! If not, they will be in sudden death! Someone has to be the first jackpot winning ticket winner in the year 2018! Do you understand DELotteryPLyr?

Current annuity jackpot is
$17.58 Million
Hottest White balls
4 ball with 5 hits
5,18,22 balls with 4 hits
Still missing White balls 
Hottest star ball
5 & 9 with 3 hits
Still missing Star ball
1 & 7
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Lets hope someone wins the first Lotto America jackpot in the year 2018 DELotteryPlyr.


Current Jackpot 

18.98 Million

19 plays in -

Hottest White Balls- 4 & 5 with 5 hits each

Coldest White Balls - 11,19,20,21,36,52 with ZERO hits


Hottest Star Ball - 5 with 4 hits

Coldest Star Ball - 1 & 10 with ZERO hits

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Thank you for the update DELotteryPLyr!

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In response to ressuccess is my thread if you have to vote it every single week DELotteryPLyr!

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