What are some of the changes you expect to make after winning the lottery?


Personally: Changing my cell phone number. Changing my address..for starters.

For those who are asking-thinking- You won well over $ 200 mil.

Have a Great rest of the week you fine people & be healthy while you at it. 

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I wouldn't change my cell number but I would only answer calls from people I know.  And I would definitely move to a nice home in the country.  I really wouldn't try to hide my identity, I don't care if people know I won.  Like Nancy Regan once said... Just say no.

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I wouldn't work at my soul sucking job any longer. The day that I learn of my win is the same day that I'm quitting. Also I'll travel a lot. I go on a real vacation every few years. If I ever win I'll take a few vacations a year.


I would gladly change my cell number, address, and vehicle.


Well tailored wardrobe.

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 I will form a team of advisers. Financial Adviser, Certified Financial Planner, Tax Attorney or CPA or an Enrolled agent, Money manager, more insurance like Umbrella and Life, a money psychologist, Trust and Estate Attorney, 


In response to LiveInGreenBay

A new cell phone number is a must for me. I presently get calls from area codes 213, 617 among others and l know absolutely no one there, never set foot in those States either, although I hear they beautiful.So call me shy- but the cell phone number goes . it's a fresh start all round GB.

In response to Theox-

Now you talking. 

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Ah- a woman after my own heart. ..As the saying goes. 

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l gather then that your present wardrobe leaves much to be desired MM.

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That's a prerequisite going in Music. What other Changes will Be forthcoming besides the obvious?  New car, new gf, new alligator sneakers. .what?

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New car to travel to scope out new addresses, maybe a trip to Tahiti and other islands.

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In response to noise-gate

While those could be legitimate telemarketing calls - or shady ones - they could also be spoofed numbers.  I got a call yesterday from an Amarillo roofing company, but when I called the number (to tell them to leave me the hell alone) I got a "this number is no longer in service" recording.

Caller ID spoofing

I bought a call blocker unit during the last election cycle and love it and it's coming in handy for this one as well.

If I ever win the lottery, I think I'd only give out my cell phone # to friends, family and the financial institutions I use.  I'd buy a "burner" phone to use for everything else and if I started getting unwanted calls on it, I'd give it a pitch and get another.   I'd have a land line phone most likely, usually required for DSL/Uverse, security alarms, etc. and keep the ringer turned off and an answering machine hooked up to it.

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Great Mike. Your response got me thinking about an app my wife has on her phone, it's called " WhitePages ID." She has been singing it's praises for quite some time now & l have been ignoring her on that front until your suggestion right now has me leaning towards installing it on my phone.  Us men hate getting directions until " the rubber band breaks" to speak. You have my thanks. 

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In response to noise-gate

You've never set foot in California?

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In response to Kingofearth

l stand corrected. I looked up my past phone logs and it was area code 210. I humbly ask for your forgiveness on bended knee. Last thing l need is to upset the King Of the Earth. It's downright comforting to know that the King pays attention to little things,* cough, cough, like my post .You are wise & Powerful.

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Like most, the first thing I do when I find out I won is to quit my job.

Then I would buy a new vehicle (not sure what yet, but it would have to be one that is brand new.)

Next, there are a lot of nexts.

  1. New wardrobe (tailor made mostly, not store bought),
  2. A new house with unlisted number (I live in an apartment now), with a wine cellar
  3. New furnishings (including wide screen TV with super deluxe cable package and a nice big freezer to hold only the best of food items),
  4. A nice long vacation (not sure where but haven't been on one in a while)
  5. I like jewellery (but had to sell all of mine a few years ago to pay bills). So new rings, a nice gold bracelet and a gold necklace with a pendant
  6. Whatever I want...within reason since now I can afford to buy it!
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In response to noise-gate

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In response to TheMeatman2005

OH MY, LOL, THAT is funny, certainly not what I was expecting hahahaha.

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I would like a mid sized sedan like a sonata from hyundia the new one with V6 engine and leather interior and moonroof.  That would be my getting around car here in town and to the casinos.-weshar75

US Flag


I'll be adding a significant number of names to the List Of People Who Can Kiss My Ass. :)

In response to Rexer90


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I dont think " just say no. " works too well with lawyers. anonymous all the way, as much as possible

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In response to Rexer90

Green laugh


Easy list, boss would get a "I quit" text. I would get a new number but keep old one for solicitor, reporter bait. Travel a few months  for for the media to die down. Do the recommended hiring estate/tax attorney, CFP, CPA. before I left.

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In response to noise-gate

I have an app like that on my phone. It's called "HIYA"

It identifies callers that I don't have stored in my phone and it is programmed to pick-up and disconnect callers that are suspected "SPAM"

I hate the calls that tell me I won a cruise or want to lower my credit card rates.

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I would quit the new job I'm going to start and focus on web stuff and rentals.

In response to IPlayWeekly

They would miss you at this new job seeing that they did not get a chance to know you.

Rentals?- like what, tuxedos? 

In response to TheMeatman2005

Just for fun, I'd probably set up my home phone with a Music On Hold system, loaded with hours of bad bagpipe music.

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everyone on this post seems to have thought it through. great things to do list. some very good points. I commend you all.

for me though, its not the changes that I expect to make...its the unknown changes that come along with a life altering event.

I believe my circumstances, persona,ideals, thought process, sense of self, my reality even my life would change. I don't know how much or in what ways. One thing is for sure I would love to find out.

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