Pick 3 Zoolander System. Never seen before in America. Learned while on vacation in Nigeria


take last draw results. 

Multiply it by 369

Take results and wheel the digits


Play only  results that are clean


Good Luck

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What do you mean by only play results that are clean?

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My interpretation is..

No combinations that are all high (579), all low(142), all even(248), all odd(139), no doubles(227), triples(111), no consecutive numbers(234)-(765), no combinations that have the same winning numbers from the previous winning positions, first, second, and third positions.

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Boxed Clean numbers: 

015 016 017 018 019 025 027 029 035 036 037 038 039 045 047

049 056 057 058 059 067 069 078 079 089 125 126 127 128 129

136 138 145 146 147 148 149 156 158 167 168 169 178 189 235

236 237 238 239 245 247 249 256 257 258 259 267 269 278 279

289 345 346 347 348 349 356 358 367 368 369 378 389 456 457

458 459 467 469 478 479 489


Good Luck & Welcome to Lottery Post.HyperSee Ya!


Were you really vacationing in Nigeria, where all of the lottery scams originate ??? 

In response to destinycreation

thats what the Us media portrays.  No worst that what  the powerball and mega millions and rng does to Americans everyday.    Take yall money.   USA  hate Nigeria folks because they not benefiting from it.     Publisher clearing house.  Same scam.  Scratchoffs. Same scams.   Casinos. Same american scams.   And yall wanna hate on Nigerians who get money from Americans the same way the Us govt is getting it.       Its only a scam when it originates in Africa.  Mmmmm.   Lil racist if u ask me.     

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System had no hits so far today. Midday to evening.  Lol.  So it works better as a elimination filter.   Call it the 369 filter.  Its good to get rid of 25- 100 straights.   


Good filter is a bad system.

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Got the race card playing again. Right next to the joker card. Nobody I have seen did ask you.

MM, PB, scratchoffs, etc, aren't scams. People from overseas that prey on people stealing their money. Scam artists.

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Is it a 419 systemGreen laugh

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000 * 369 = 000 but I wanted to play a quickpick! What should I do?

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Thank you Amber and MZ!

In response to Lildarryl

Ok Lildarryl. You must be out of milk, cuz your brain seems awfully dry. Rant

Hit us with something good bro.

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I Agree! he's really good at systems

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Ok Lildarryl. You must be out of milk, cuz your brain seems awfully dry. Rant

Hit us with something good bro. ... WITH A SHOE OR SOMETHING

I Agree! he's really good at systems





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