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looking for the best lottery book or dream book...or direct me to earlier link about them. Thanks

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I like "Rob's Best Picks" for my region, b/c it is divided up into 5 states [Florida, Georgia, NC, SC, Tennessee]. I've used it for several years now, and the hits are usually there, in the book.  It is a numbers book though, as opposed to a dream book. 

Personally, I would prefer a dream book  that explains the dream symbolism first, and the lottery numbers are secondary.

You could try the "Lucky Star Lottery Dream Book" by ProfessorKonje, or "Rob'sAstrology Guide - 3 & 4 Book" [$6.00].  These 2 books give a brief meaning to the dream symbolism in addition to lottery numbers.  The "Kansas City Kitty DreamBook" is a popular option, however, it doesn't give any meanings to the dream symbolism, it only gives numbers associated with the symbolism, which is the way most lottery dream books are [no interpretation of the dream, just numbers].  It's a matter of personal preference.

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The latest edition (PZH)Lottery Bible Combination Dream Book

and Almanac




Prof. Hitt's Rundowns and Workouts



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Thank you

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Thank you

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HP Dream book

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Thanks lucky123

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