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The  other day I was messing around with ALL-STATES and I found these 3 SINGLE STRAIGHTS..and I thought I would share them with all of you...I do not know the time on this because I have never really checked it...but I do think we will either get 2 of them maybe all 3 before the end of good luck to you....TERRY





now that is 3 single straights...if you play pic 3 and want to chase it is only 3 COMBOS...personally I think the 073 and 078 will show before 020 but I hate doubles and that is just a guess on my part...

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well we got one of them...that leaves 2 more....good luck everyone...TERRY



Wed, Mar 2, 2016Puerto RicoPega 3 Noche0-2-0
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Thanks Terry...I love 073.

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Ky caught 708

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i would love 730 in ill.Jester Laugh


703 was my qp in Illinois yesterday.

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370SC Evening for March 31st

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well Illinois got that 073 must have heard you calling for it...


Wed, Mar 23, 2016IllinoisPick 3 Midday7-3-0, Fireball: 3


Fri, Apr 1, 2016IllinoisPick 3 Evening7-0-3, Fireball: 9



LOOK EVERYONE..I FOUND THAT 073 AND 078 just going through all states data...I have no idea on the time because I never use that run for anything...but the states themselves still owes 073 and 078 STRAIGHT...both of them

so if you want to chase one of them or both it might not be to bad of an idea its just one combo or 2...

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