Will you still play lottery if Bernie wins the W.H ??


Will you still play the lottery if Bernie gets elected? His huge taxation is going to hit millionaires and billionaires. Since his tax plans like for instance FREE college and University tuition will cost us tax payers $70 Billion a year.. I know i will not play the lottery if that guy gets it

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Hi Tony, I live in Sweden, with a long tradition of socialism. We have free schools and our lotterys are tax free also.

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Tony - of course I will still play if/when Bernie wins - it would still be more money than I currently have - and if I win in 2016 then Bernie wont affect the taxes I pay.

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There's no way his socialist agenda will get through the Republican Congress. DOA already.

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This might be the best thing I've ever read lol


No way it's not worth it under scrooge Bernie.. This means lottery wins you pay a hell of a lot more.. This is why i am voting for Trump and i will continue to play the lottery when Trump is president. 


Note that the Y axis does not increase linearly

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I intend to VOTE for Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton, when South Carolina holds its Democratic Primary Election on February 27, 2016.

I WILL still play the Lottery !!!

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Yes, either Sanders or Clinton... It doesn't matter to me.  Either one is fine.

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You seem to be saying is that you'd rather have no lottery winnings than some lottery winnings. Did you stop playing when the taxes jumped the last umpteen times? When it stopped being 25% or 33% or 36% why didn't you stop playing then? It's now knocking at 40% and you're still playing. 40% taxation is okay with you. 

Obviously, your issue isn't with paying taxes, your issue is with who is collecting the taxes and where those taxes will go. How dare we try to have a more educated workforce. right? There's no possible way making sure a greater percentage of the population gets a tertiary level education will ever have a positive outcome for this country and you need to stand up against that type of diabolically radical concept by boycotting the lottery if that old man ever takes office. Shackling ourselves with mountains of debt is the American way. No need to change the status quo, am I right?

As for me, I'll continue to play regardless who wins, because I'm okay with being rich and I'm okay with policies which benefit the general population. I've never understood why one concept needed to exclude the other. Socialism isn't a dirty word and neither is capitalism. One can be rich, successful and entrepreneurial and still be human enough to think about others.

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Don't forget free healthcare for illegals too.


It really doesn't matter who people " think" should be President, its the electoral College that makes the final decision. Don't ever forget that. Your Guy or Gal can win the Popular vote by millions but if the electoral College thinks your direction is too dangerous for the country- your choice for President falls by the wayside. That is the darn honest truth.

Chew on this..George W Bush lost the Popular vote to Al Gore in 2000- but won the electoral College 271- 266

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Another vote for winning a jackpot in 2016!

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"if the electoral College thinks your direction is too dangerous"  What direction is that?  The non politically correct way?


Look up Barry Goldwater/ Walter Mondale my young apprentice. Take a lesson from history. 

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Wait a sec here the one president that actually won the white house without the electorial college was JFK..... So Trump can win it to all the way to the white house.. 

Now i am waiting for Trump to become president and i can say he will adopt the no tax on lottery winnings just like Canada and other places....

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