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If you have both a mid day and eve draw remember numbers dont know what time of day it is so if your tracking

track from midday to eve  midday to eve etc use both draws to your advantage.

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In response to Amazing Grace

I agree, it really works well, with 2 digit return.

I'm looking for 120 straight, midday in Missouri.


Good Luck.

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So tracking on a state or province that has 2 draws should consist of tracking back and forth and also single tracking

so midday is tracked eve is tracked then both combined are tracked

example midday missing sum 12 for 8 draws eve missing sum 12 for 7 draws total is 15 draws out for sum  12 and what if that was the longest sum 12 has ever been out for. Then you discover that digit 6 is missing from both draws for 17 total misses what becomes your play strategy for sum 12 any sum 12 combo that have digit 6 so 066,165,264,363,552

Use both draws to your advantage!

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