Lottery system 99% effective legal matters question


So, here is the story which I have doubts About. So for 9 months, taking a huge part of my time, I finally finished a system that can with 99% of effectiveness predict a result of lotteries. I only worked with Euromillion but I think it's possible to apply it to the American Powerball and megamillion. Which I plan to test once I win the Euromillion a bunch of times and they ban me, probably.

I first posted on Reddit to find someone to approve my method, I don't have a lot of friends and I'm a basement troll(so my connection list and trusting list are very small,almost 0). I found that person online,I explained everything and I got the approval I need it. My system works!! That was a huge boost of my ego, although I knew it worked, it's always reassuring to have someone else to say it's possible. I'm working on a team with him. We have been playing and alll good so far, but I got the idea that we could try to search for investors.

Investors, is the key word, so here is my problem. I thought I could go to this places that make societies/groups/sindicates and offer them the possibility to win guarantee. The problem resides that I want something like 100 million(just a number, not decided yet), altought I could take more, I can take a lot more, lot lot more if I played alone. If I decide to keep playing after those 100 million I could make more on my own with those 100 million but then I would be winning the same prizes the "Investors" would be playing with my system. For now let's take my partner ou of the picture. So to not come to collision with the Investors in the future, I thought I could just not share my method with them and just five them the key's to play, but then things get hard to get those investor's to take me seriously, of course someone will want to know in what they are putting their money. I thought, I could get a paper by a lawyer where we both come into agreement before I share with them the method, agreement on values and what we can do in the future, so there is no collision.

To have in mind, I'm not extremely greedy, I would be happy with 100 million. This took a lot ,a lot lot lot of time to design and develop, so I don't want to lose this opportunity.


So the question is, there is a lot of talk about effective system's all around, but what would you do if you discover one and how would you act? Is it possible to have a paper determining what can and cannot be done? Can such documents be made? Should I go to local lottery places and speak to the owner's? Is there any place on the internet that could help?


I'm a male, 22 years old and the most I have been close to a court is when I had to get my criminal history to get in the army. I'm a total noob in business interaction and such...I live in a pretty pretty bubble, basically. Oh and I'm from Portugal but the legal system I think it resembles the American one, except for the court system, we don't get called to be a judge. Everything else, is the same as basically every other western country.


Any opinions? And before you ask, I will not reveal the method/system, I want to take the most out of it. Unless your up to be the investor!

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Get a lawyer and if the system is as good as you say it is give an unconditional guarantee.


Yes, of course I eventually will have to go to a lawyer, but the question(I didn't choose the correct words) is, it's possible to get a paper before I share the method that says that, in case if they kick me out and then use my method the same and win, I get X amount or all of what they win that day forward, so I don't get scammed. Or they can't share it with no one else for X amount of years. Basically, some kind of restrains so I don't get fuc...d(that is the better term, to describe). Or is only possible, just by using people I can trust in some way.


It doesn't matter if the method is 100% effective or not, what matters is that before I show them and they give their opinion and decide to "invest" or not, I need to have guarantee that I won't get scammed. That is the question, if it's possible to not get screwed over.

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if it works so well win some money, get a lawyer.  should only take a few weeks. or better still , get rich it works so well , get an island.

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If it works you shouldn't need investors. It's as simple as that. You should be able to leverage whatever money you have and snowball it into a fortune. This "I have this amazing system but won't share it unless you give me free money" BS is pretty unoriginal. You have a working system? Prove it. Go get rich off of it and share the link to the amazing story when the newspapers pick it up. Besides, you would more easily convince investors with a fat bank account and not paper profits.

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In response to bienporro

It is Euromillions, not Euromillion, by the way.

What are you looking for, someone to test your system? Did you program your system? What capital do you need to play?

If your system wins, you can take a credit and play.

If you can win with 5/50 * 2/11, you should be able to win any small lottery game from pick 3 to 6/49. So you basically could start by playing small lotteries and invest the won thousands in playing Euromillions to win millions.

In response to LottoMetro

No, is not so simple. I only play the smallest feed, which is good, the system was made especially to let you play only the smallest feed and get so high percentage of winnings, that if I wanted I could win the smallest prizes every draw. The problem resides that to win the bigger prize, the one that count's I need to cover a big number of keys, in order to cover every single variable possible and get it to 100% winning success. It's a big number for me, after I win the the first time, I can win every single lottery after, because I will have the money to if I screw up it's money I can lose. And if you notice II put out 99% of success rate because I can commit an error, only human, while example a 1000 euros for me is something huge, to a syndicate is just another week. Yes, there is no need for a huge investment, in the terms of thousands of dollars, just between 100-1000, the type of values a syndicate operates. I'm not so sure of the value because I never done it, it takes a lot of lot of lot time, to make all the keys necessary, it's not a computer program or a system of a page, it's a whole process with pages and pages of data to put in but it can be done in the time of 2-3 days none stop, exactly the time between draws. Oh and the system was only ready about a mouth ago, it was completed, so I have only tried for about 7 weeks, about 14 draws.  My chances of winning are extremely high but I don't want to wait the luck, I want to go get it.(to refer I haven't done it, but I know it's possible, it's not a guess or theory, it's mathematical guaranteed)


I know that there is a lot of spamm out there with system's that work, that is why I'm afraid and troubled to share it. After I have a fat bank account, I don't need investor's, like I said I will just win.. I only wanted legal advise on how I should operate. No need to be so aggressive, I'm not selling anything

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In response to bienporro

"So the question is, there is a lot of talk about effective system's all around, but what would you do if you discover one and how would you act? "

Simple, I would buy a jackpot winning ticket and cash it in.

What I don't understand is why you need someone else to tell if your system works, you would know if you won a jackpot that it works.  You sound like someone trying to count his eggs before he has a chicken to hatch them.

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In response to LottoMetro

No amount of paperwork, legal or otherwise will protect you from dishonest people.

"Your Honor, my client Mr. Green in no way violated this contract. Yes, he won the $300 Mega Million jackpot, using his own money and the numbers he himself chose. 

And it should be noted Mr. SystemProvider has offered not one shred, not a single piece of credible evidence, that Mr. Green either used his system, or won anything as a result of what Mr. SystemProvider revealed. This court has nothing more than his word and his hope.

This case has no merit."

Too, no wise investor is going to sign a contract based on what you are going to reveal. For all he knows its nothing new or nothing he's never seen or heard before. Yes, you need to show him the system works before asking him to commit. That's the first lesson of sales. Will this vacuum do the job, will this knife cut granite, coke cans and rocks in my driveway? Will your Sham-Wow save money on paper towels by soaking up a gallon of water without falling apart?

Obviously this system requires more money than you have available or you wouldn't need investors. And that's the rub. You're asking investors to roll the dice that the system works. Don't expect people lining up in your foyer without some proof.

In response to bienporro

Wow. Pretty nice. I am willing to join you bienporro. 

I notice that that these lotto with prizes in the millions of money have so much in common with one another.

that is they all have a lot of numbers but can be reduce down

In response to SergeM

No, my system is ready and done, already have a partner who gave me the push to go. That part is covered. The capital would be around 100-1000 euros, it would be around 900 dollars(don't quote me in the dollar part). Which is what this syndicates online and locals play with, from what I see, they operate with quantities around that value. My idea would be go to these people and share it, give them the system while ensuring I get a big big big piece of the pie. Not just from one win but all the wins, I would establish X amount of money we could do, I example establish that I want 100 million and even if they make 1 billion, I only get 100 million, which is good to me, no problem there.


I was asking if it's possible to have a lawyer/legal agent write a paper where both parties, me and the people I share with, come to and agreement and future actions. Values, you can understand and future actions, why? Because in the future, if I decide to keep playing, me and him are not keep winning the same prizes and stuff, I think you can imagine the situation. It needs to be a paper they sign before I share my method, with all the information necessary for me to not get screwed up in the situation. Is it possible for such document to be created? Or will I have to go and trust people for a change?


Of course the document would have a policy that if they don't believe the system, there is no partnership but at the same time establishing that if they use it later on their own, X or all the money goes to me, or they share it with anyone else and they start receiving money from 3rt parties. A document so I don't get screwed up.


The title says it all, its about legal matter's and what people would do?


What I would do give copy of numbers to some one to play and keep copy for self and the proof is there on your copy.

but I would not let any person buy my system no matter how good it was. but if you keep the system you could charge a fee for the new sets to be played.

keep your system to your self win all the time and be happy .

We all would like a system to work like yours do.

In response to RJOh

Hmmmm, no the system was develop to let me play small fees but raising my odds to win abruptly. Then 1 month ago when I finished ,I saw that in a mathematical way it was possible to cover every single variable if played correct.This is a very resume way of saying it, but it goes more or less like that.

I have been winning, is is true but I need to win the jackpot. I have only been playing for 1-2 month's with the system completed. Basic maths tells me that I can predict the outcome of a lottery, the moment I share this with someone they will see it too, I just don't want to get screwed up.


If I had won the jackpot, I would be having massages from a Japanese 18 years old dressed as animu as possible. A complete massage(wink), every day for the rest of my life.

The problem with many is that they think a working system is something like a program or a pyramid, no a working system is math, straight up math, math that makes you cross the border of insane with numbers and more numbers, so much that you start hating numbers. I get panic attacks every time I see a equation (I would laugh but it's serious). 


I don't need approval, I already got it from my partner.I came to ask about legal advice, it's in the tittle xd Everyone is trying to insult me, godddddd Calm down people, I'm not asking for any money.


(I didn't knew that word was inappropriate) First forum thahappened, sorry!

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In response to bienporro

You have it all figured out.

Except for the part where the investor agrees not to take money from any third party without having to pay you. He's going to love that idea.

You're going to spend every penny you win on court cases to uphold this contract. 

Meanwhile it is not reasonable or feasible for investors to commit solely to your idea and your terms. He's not asking you for anything. And you are asking him to give up a lot on your word.

Would you do it? Without proof?

And if you can predict the outcome of the lottery, why do you need investors at all? Save until you have the money you need and win the jackpot.

In response to bienporro

Bienporro about the legal matters you can start doing it after you win the big prize. 

I have seen and witness many big prize lotto winners on TV here in the USA. 

Most of the wise decision that they choose to make was first to win the big prize then 

later on they can get the paperworks, contracts, fees and etc and etc on the legal matters. Otherwise, what if

they don't win and had begin filing the paperworks with the legal attorney. They will end up in financial crisis and must somehow be able to pay everything for their attorney. So to me it be wise to first win the big prize then can worry about all legal matters later

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In response to bienporro

You sound sane.

I don't see any way to enlighten you. Our worlds are different. You live in a cabin in the woods eating cold fish in Portugal obsessing over Megyn Kelly's boobs. I live in Texas in a house with a garden outside and a dog named Jacob. If I want to see boobs I go to Taco Bell.

By the way, where are you going to get the money to play for this contract when you can't afford to play the lottery?

Asking advice, being given advice and then getting upset the advice isn't what you want to hear. Amazingly sane. Oh, I didn't forget you found a partner online that agreed with you. What happened to him/her/it?

All this sanity must be too much for anyone. My guess is its making you crazy.

Yes, everybody's idea is brilliant to them. The problem is its junk to everybody who will lose money on it. But, if you really feel it is brilliant, you would save the money to win big and then come back, post the winning ticket and make us all look like fools.

Maybe that is asking too much for sane person. Maybe you're going to talk us into believing you. You're certainly not going to reason with us in your moment of sanity.

Why should you prove it? Well, because until you prove it not a single crazy person is going to give you one cent.

PS Let us know the name of the idiot who signed the contract. We could all use some funding.

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In response to bienporro

Page 1 of this thread, your own posts:

Investors, is the key word,

I could make more on my own with those 100 million but then I would be winning the same prizes the "Investors" would be playing with my system...

...So to not come to collision with the Investors in the future,

...It doesn't matter if the method is 100% effective or not, what matters is that before I show them and they give their opinion and decide to "invest" or not, I need to have guarantee that I won't get scammed

Anybody else thinking this guy might be pumpi?

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In response to Coin Toss

Even pumpi wasnt this nuts. Lol.

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In response to rcbbuckeye

Green laugh
Good one, rcbuckeye!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Euromillions a game like the American ones, non-electronic, balls dropping, etc.? If so, this guy then has claimed to understand and better yet manipulate the intricate laws of probability, and randomness itself. With 99% accuracy. With small pools of numbers. Um, yeah. Highly, highly unlikely...


a little off topic but sounds the same to me, last week i read  in and ad in brooklyn ny another site i won't mention, that this guy could Prove the existence of ghosts and demons were in his house and wanted funding for a tv show, but only Proof he would show is some demon and angel appearing  in a mirror, that's it would never give address, would not give address at all, i actually talked to guy on the phone, lol the haunting is in your home but no one can go to your home huh, but you want funding, is like asking for legal advice for an unproven system, Todd I'M sorry, for posting

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In response to garyo1954




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In response to j4harv

That's interesting, I know a guy who is seeking funding for a paranormal show to prove that his proton gun works. Maybe the two can team up!

Green laugh

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In response to bienporro

YOU WROTE "This is me being very generous about it, a highly high number for a estimation. So I could have space to breed."


I hope you meant breathe.  One of you is enough.

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In response to bienporro

Dupe AlertDunkChairSmashJack-in-the-BoxGoofScaredGreen laugh


Every time,the same history...

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It's always a newbie that signs up and comes on here with a scheme.

Of course, old timers have more sense than to try to pump "investors" for $$$.

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In response to rcbbuckeye

The problem is similar schemes have been tried better and failed even worst. 

Remember Lottery Vault?  They even got a favorable response from Todd when they advertised on this website.  They were going strong for about a year until it became obvious they couldn't pick a winner any better than a lottery terminal.  They eventually ended up trying give numbers away.

Similar websites use to be all over the web, today if they are still around no one give them a notice.

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If it is as good as you say: Don't show your system to anyone unless they have signed a contract to not reveal the system or use it for own gain, or sell it themselves.


Try this,  draw the winning numbers using your system and store them on some type of media.

Next seal the lines in some type of container which cannot be opened without breaking a seal

and have a bank store it.  Now after the drawing have all potential investors meet at the bank

for the reveal. 

Do this a couple times and you should have people lining up.  It cost nothing to play on paper. 


IMHO, no such system will ever exist but the method above should allow you to prove your claims

without anyone risking a penny.



In response to RJOh

It sounds more like a super sized lottery pool like they advertised in lottery publications Lotto World, PC World and others. Most offered shares, some were legit, but the people running the pools made out the best. That was about the same time as when the Aussie syndicate bought out the Virginia Lotto game. After that rules were made preventing tying up lottery terminals in several states.

We talked about the logistics of filling out 19,656 play slips when we discussed a full 28 number wheel and came to the conclusion it would be next to impossible. But even if it could be done, it would cost 100 investors slightly under $2000 a week with no win guarantee. What we really have here is someone who thought LP members are a group of jackpot winners that would consider investing in his scheme investment opportunity "chump change".

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