Patience Pays...Your Top 10

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Do you find yourself switching numbers endlessly? Stop the madness! Big Grin

When it comes to lottery playing.... Patience Pays!

Taking requests...put yours in if you don't see it below :)



Pennsylvania please

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NC please LL


illinois please!

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Iowa please.. Thanks..

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Texas please thanks

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New Jersey please. Thank you.


SC please!

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morning, can you please add MO., thank you.

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New York please ;) thanks

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In response to lottolaughs

Hey lottolaughs-

I believe that you are right on with your Florida predictions! Great work a usual! Yes Nod


Massachusetts please and thank you

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In response to inittowin

I hope so,buddy!! Still have a couple of your emails to answer, don't think I forgot about you!! My company just left so finally have some time to get back to biz!


Here are the newest requests,kids!

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In response to bigmon

You're welcome,bigmon :) And no, I would play them both ways just to be safe :)

In response to lottolaughs

Illinois eve 9380.3/14/ Yesterday hit 8463 eve straight.

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In response to lottolaughs

GA EVE....5356!!!

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Would you post Ohio ,please

Thank you


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In response to mitch13

already posted, go  back a  page



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Sorry , & i dont how i missed that Bang Head lol

Thank you

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Thanks for the update,kids! New ones for GA and IL now that they've hit.

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In response to merdis salley

WTG @ lottolaughsParty


Thanks for sharing.


I'm going to try a few of these today.


Good Luck.

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thank you soooo much lotto laughs , for your time it is really appreciated. .....biker bunni  have a great day

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Thanks for posting

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In response to lottolaughs
Sat, Mar 14, 2015DelawarePlay 4 Night2-9-1-5

Where are DE players? Patience Paid! In 4 days.

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In response to lottolaughs
Sat, Mar 14, 2015QuébecLa Quotidienne 44-9-3-8

Where are Quebec players? Patience Paid! Same day

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In response to lottolaughs

Nice call on 5044 bx for PA on 3/17 nite draw

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Pick 4 MiddayWed, Mar 18, 20158-0-9-3

What do you see with 88 pair for Maryland, Thank you!

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