At Your Best 6 ~ Dream 2/24


Dreamed I was in luxury hotel with an ex-boyfriend, we got into an argument in regards to him looking through my phone. The scene change, to where I was in an amusement park, ridding on a bus when I got off I met an old high school friend name Kelly. She invited me to her daughter’s (baby girl) birthday party, I asked her how old is your daughter now, she showed me her picture and mentioned she’s dead. After the party she needed a ride to Atlanta, I mentioned to her my ex-boyfriend is going that way, I can ask him. I was in the process of writing down my phone number but I keep on writing numbers incorrectly.

Please help with numbers, thanks in advance.

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What is ur phone number

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33   333   3333  003

3724    324   3324    1324  813

0813  8138  1326  12368


3    7     8    13      15     24     26     33  88

 34      52   070

In response to roxb

Hi roxb

i apologize for the delay but the first 3 digits of my phone# 205. GL

In response to MystiQue470

SC 3241, you where right on. GL

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