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So I bought this lottery guide on ebay called the White Pony Pick-3 lottery guide.  It's got a set of singles and doubles for each day of the month (not year specific).  The list of numbers seems kind of variable, usually 25 - 60 singles per day and another 20 - 30 doubles.  Checking over the lists for this year, it seems to be hitting about 50% of the time. 

Has anyone else checked this out or tested in other states?  I'm just curious if others have tried this guide at all.  Maybe I'll do some back-testing for some prior years if I get some spare time.  It's got a copyright of 2005, so it's been around a couple years.

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60 singles "per day" or for the month?

There are 120 unmatched singles on the P3 game so if you play 50% of those 120(60 combos),

it will hit 50% of the time. If you play 30 of them you'll hit 25% and so forth.


Good Luck and win big!!

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It's per day, but sometimes not that many.  It looks kind of homemade, like someone put it out on their own.  I guess I'll keep it with a couple of my other guides to compare.

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