Paging all Michigan posters and Volunteers

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I am reaching out to all the posters for Michigan to say that  all your contributions are very important and much appreciated by me and others. I would like to encourage all of you to come back and bring your ideas and intelligence back on table and see how much we can win together as team .You know who you are and yes am talking to you.. Very nice to see jorli ,blacker  and lucky back thank you again..

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Thanks Addai !!

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Yes, great to see Blackie & Jorli back with their numbers.  I'm all over your 52, 72 & 25 !!!!

Thank you Addai!  Blue Angel   Will we ever get 777

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undress and gifted child can surprise us  to post maybe lol

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Thank you Addai!


Does anyone here use filters when finding numbers for Michigan

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few simple system i use..Sun midday results break into pairs  go up i and down 1

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