Test your psyche abilities


I read a online article which said that people can predict some events up to 3 seconds in advance.

I wrote a small program to test this theory.  This program allows the user to set a time delay up

to 3 seconds before it randomly generates either a digit (0) or (1).  The user tries to predict the

future value and then press either the [1] or [0] button which starts the delay.  Once the delay

has expired the RNG will generate a 1 or 0 value and check it against the value the user predicted. 

The delay value can be set between 1 and 9.  Each step = .3333 so setting it to 3 will produce a

.9999 second delay.  I must not have these abilities because my scores range from 45 to 65 percent

correct.  Anyway, this is just for fun if anyone wants to try it.  It's freeware so no restrictions.  Run

the setup program and it's ready to go.

Enjoy, RL 

Download link,



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