Mardell Christian (rectal cancer)

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Good Morning all my LP friends, this is not a dream just want you all to pray for me.  I been diagnosed with rectal cancer and I am currently taking radiation and chemo pills to shrink my tumor so that I can have surgery in April. I want to thank all my friends on LP who has responded to my posts of dreams. I am doing well and my finance' continue to pray for me and she has been by my side since this happened last year in December. To God be the Glory I am determined to beat this disease!!!    Happy Valentines Day to everyone on LP the love of my life is taking me to Outback Steak House today to eat good!!!! Everybody enjoy your day God Bless each and everyone of you.Big Grin Angel

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Happy Valentines Day to you sending prayers up. Be Bless


Sending prayers for strength!  You will fight this and win!


Prayers for you !

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Mardell, you will beat this......have faith. My prayers are with you.  Be blessed

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Thank you all and Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. I am determined to beat this cancer, I love you all to God be the Glory!!!

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Psalm 30:2

   " O Lord my God, I cried to you for help,
      and you restored my health."

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In response to Mardell

Prayers going up,Blue Angel

Enjoy your day today, and everyday forward.

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Praying for you.   There is life after cancer.   Be strong and fight.
Blue Angel

In response to Mardell

Offering Prayers and Divine Blessings for You and Your Family, for Divine Healing

I would like to recommend the following:

1) Read: Outsmart Your Cancer, Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments that Work, by Tanya  Harter Pierce - Pay special attention to Chapters 9 - 12, about the product Protocel.

2) Research the product Protocel on the Internet. Website is  webnd dot com. PurchaseProtocel.

3) Order FREE subliminal CD - "Cancer - Spiritual Healing" on Innertalkdot com. Purchase one of the StressManagement Subliminal CD.

4) Maintain a Positive Spirit.  Remain Open Minded.  Be willing to try other non-traditional therapeutictreatments, other than toxic radiation and chemotherapy.


Once again,

May your Spirit/Soul be Blessed with Divine Healing.

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Greetings Mardell,

First, I must apologize for that ridiculous 2 star rating, that's a mistake that I can't explain except I have had to contend with unexplainable LP mishaps lately.....


As we we fervently believe in positive power of prayer, will light up a healing cancer candle (won't download here) and receive request from Maine to Spain for same.

Had male cousin who @75 overcame same challenge about 8 years ago ! 


St Valentine' Blessings

Fortes Fortuna Juvat Sun Smiley

Eddessa-knight Patriot

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Prayers is here for you!   Happy Valentines day!

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God bless you.

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Prayers to you!

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