Using Gail Howard's Systems

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         From Gail Howard in The New York's Bi-Weekly Lotto News!

Canadahas a Keno game (similar to our nightly NY Pick-10 game) in which 20 numbers are drawn from a field of 70 num­bers. However, the player is allowed to mark a ticket with as few as two numbers, or three, four, five or up to ten numbers on a ticket. Drawings are held twice daily.

On September 21, 2013, Mark R. Green of Toronto, Ontario, chose to mark seven numbers (7/7) and got all seven numbers correct to win a prize of $5,000.00, plus ad­ditional prizes worth $510.00.

Mark sent me a letter and included not only copies of his winning tickets and check for $5,510.00 from the Ontario Lot­tery, but also his Advantage Plus work­sheets showing me exactly how and why he choose the numbers he played.


Mark wrote:"I've been using Gail's sys­tems for years, along with the help from my good friend, TexAmos. I finally got a nice payoff, as you see by the copies in­side this envelope. I spent about two hours a night working on my report and an extra hour in the morning to finish. Next I will be working on getting 8/8 on Keno to win $25,000and using your system will get me there. Until next time, all the best and good health, Mark Green."

Using Gail Howard's Chart A from A+

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Mark Green Winning his Second 7/7 Win!


In a life time, we all think about winning the lottery, how winning a big jackpot would make our lives a lot more easier. I live in Toronto, Canada and play a Ontario Daily Keno game, where they draw 20 numbers from a field of 70 numbers. On Sept. 21st. 2013, I won my first jackpot of $5,150.00, hitting 7/7.


By reading up the great knowledge from Gail Howard's -Lottery Master Guide and outstanding software charts were my tools to picking my winning numbers. While using Gail Howard's 4 a. abbreviated hit chart in A+ ..on Nov.7th./2014, I  hit again 7/7 for my second jackpot of 5,000.00 . Now that I found a chart that wins for me, my goal now is to continue my quest up the keno winning ladder. In the past, I have won 20 other times, hitting 7/8 .


The payout for 8/8  pays 25,000.00 on a 1.00 bet. A few year's back, I came across a facebook lottery group site, a private group ran by TexAmos Fernandez. We became the best of friends, and has mentor me over the years on ways of trapping the best numbers. The group is also been a great stepping stone of learning from some of the nicest people from all over the world. We are a lively small group, which has grown into a nice lottery family.


My method of winning is simple, first, you need to invest in buying Gail Howard's Lottery Master Guide, or purchase great software programs such as A+ and soon to be released A+ Gold. Finally, choose a system or wheel that works well with your state lottery, spend the time to study how your numbers flow. Play within your limit and having patience, confidence in yourself is the key of winning and if you do that, you will indeed be rewarded. " Remember... All the best luck is Smartluck !

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Mark Green Getting Two Back to Back Wins of 7/7! That's 7 numbers Right out of 70 numbers in the Canada Keno 10-20-70!

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In response to Texamos

Thanks for sharing.


What's the website and publisher of the NY Bi weekly lotto magazine?  What's the contact information to this supposed winner?  Looks like a bad photoshop job.  Lots of hot air and nonsense followed by an offer for magic beans to solve your lottery woes.  The Only people making money are scammers like you selling non existent bs which won't help anyone.  How do you get away with selling this crap on unsuspecting folks.  Your robbing them of hard earned money.  You can't game a system of random chance period end of story. Please just stop.

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That's pretty close to spamming. We'll see if it passes.

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In response to yupyup79

Maybe you should read this:

So you have 8 post and 7 of them are bashing GH.

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Here at the Book Store!

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Yea! Plus they sell her book here at the Store!



While we're at it can we get an up to date facebook and LinkedIn page for Gail Howard with HD time stamped geolocated photos showing location.  No problem if theyre taken in a public place.  You guys are trying to sell a system to win the lottery under the guise of this fake scam artist made up person Gail Howard.  And don't link me to some old vhs camcorder video on YouTube.  And don't tell me she's a friend of your brothers wife's cousins sister who actually saw her in person once.

Systems don't work on big prizes or small prizes.  If they did people wouldnt sell the solution theyd use it to get rich and wouldnt have to sell it to make more money.  You always see people stating it works on smaller prizes only since those are more likely to hit which will be the case since the odds are better anyway.

lets stop these people from robbing others. at the very least sell it for what it is.  A program for number lovers to play with and imagine only.  but don't sell it like it works because if it did the lotto would get shut down since they couldn't make any money which is the business they are in like everyone else.


I'm not bashing "Gail Howard" I'm saying your selling something that doesn't work.  It's ripping people off.  That news article you linked said the guy sell systems that self admittedly don't work and he's never won more then $500 so what did I miss?

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In response to yupyup79

Your not related to Steve Player are you?


No but a quick google search shows he sells non working systems to.


Why would someone sell a system to make money instead of using it all for themselves.  Please answer that much for me.


how can Gail Howard and Steve player both be regarded as the most successful lotto players of all time yet neither won a huge jackpot.  And statistically most winners of 1million plus are quick picks.  And people that win on their own numbers pick birthdays or significant numbers to them and them alone?


Selling "Gail Howards" book in the store here doesn't offer credibility it just means a company pays this website to offer it in their store.  Same tactics companies use when they pay for an ad in a reputable magazine then the TV commercial for the same product says "but see are ad in xyc magazine" as if that proves something or offers credibility.

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