Will a lotto win bring happiness or satisfaction in your life.


When I was younger, I used to think that making a ton of money was all that mattered in life. To be able to buy a mansion filled with a bunch of toys and tacky junk. A giant pool in the back yard and having a string of exotic cars filled the driveway. Now as I got older and matured, none of that stuff matters to me anymore.

I think I'll get more satisfaction of helping others than spending the money on materialist objects. Like expensive cars, jewellery, toys, drugs...or whatever. I've gotten rides in cars like Lamborghini's and Ferrari's, and although it's fun at first I got bored of them after a while.

Currently I have a pretty good job and do ok. And I've found exactly what  I want in life. The main reason I play is for a chance to win and help out some of my relatives and friends who are having some financial difficulty. And giving back to charity, both human and animals.

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I'm with you on this, but another factor is the notion of to doing things on my on terms. Another reason I want to win is to get away from it all. I'd buy a house in some remote land with lush forest, lakes, ponds and a waterfalls. In society we are forced to make a living, so winning would erase a lot of the worries, paying of debts, helping family, friends, etc. My folks are on the verge of bankruptcy due to medical bills. I'd definitely help them out. Also, I live in a big city and it stresses me out crowded places like this. I like the slower pace of life, to enjoy it. When I want a get away, I will visit the city. The only reason I live here is because family and work, but if I won, I'd move. You definitely have more options on the table when you have more loot in the bank. You're right about material things though, those get boring. Life is the most precious thing there is.


I would like to think that I would keep it simple and try to find happiness that way. When I think about getting a windfall, I try to imagine what it would be like living in my current house without a mortgage and setting up an modest annuity that replaces my current income for years to come. And I could get there with millions and not needing tens- or hundreds- of millions. 

Naturally, there would be some money set aside for an investment portfolio, occasional big ticket items or experiences or vacations, but taking care of family and friends and charity would be the focus.

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I don't think you are really forced to make a living in society. But you have to survive somehow. And the are other options.  Imagine If no one worked, then civilization would never advance cause nothing would get done. We would probably still be living in the stone age. But I get your point. I also live in the city and would rather live somewhere more secluded like the country side, or have a house on a lake. And having money does make a lot things in life easier. Sorry to hear about you parents.

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no, but it will bring me 1 of these

porsche GT4

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I just read on Yahoo! News that the guy who Drenick1 was asking about was found dead. He was the old man from Michigan who won $20,000 not too long ago. Rest in peace sir. 

A lotto win can bring pain n misery and even death more easily than it can bring satisfaction.

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Unreal! I am so dad at what happened to this man. I had a feeling it would not be good. May he rest in peace.

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I like it! looks like a Porsche 911 GT3


To the OP's question. No, the lottery will not bring you happiness or satisfaction in your life.

Money can only give you the opportunity to be happy but there are zero guarantees in life. You could have a billion dollars in the bank and you could be driving around in your 2 million dollar Bugatti Veyron and then get crushed to death by a falling airplane. You think it's impossible? It almost happened to a taxi driver today in Taiwan.

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I'd like to say a lottery win would bring happiness and satisfaction but someone made a very wise post once when they said when you come into a lot of money you just trade one set of problems for an entirely different set of problems.


Sole, you posted this..

Currently I have a pretty good job and do ok. And I've found exactly what  I want in life. The main reason I play is for a chance to win and help out some of my relatives and friends who are having some financial difficulty.

l gather that you NOT playing for yourself but for others?   In a word..." Classic"

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Ask any charity if they rather have people play lottery games for them and contribute the winnings or have the people donate the money directly to them.

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Will my lottery win bring me happiness or satisfaction to my life?  yes.  that and the big house and new car and staff... no wait.  scratch that.  the big house, new car and staff will bring happiness or satisfaction not the win.

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Yes for some people, no for others.

We've seen in in plenty of winners, they come into a lot of money and they blow it all away or they get into hard drugs.

Others, like Cynthia Stafford, did great things with her winnings. And like her, I expect to help family with the winnings as well as helping others, both with money and the time the winnings has afforded me. Set me up in a nice house with tech goodies, a Mustang and an Explorer for different driving conditions, and I'm good on big ticket expenses. The rest is so I can occasionally give to others and ensure financial stability for my eventual offspring.

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as its been said numerous times b4 .......

if you were happy and content b4 winning you'll find self equally happy and more then likely better off or fall flat on you face if you weren't


for me it would probably be a mixed blessing at best or early tombstone


as for driving over priced cars and trucks I still doubt I'd waste the money

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