Billion dollar Jackpot


I posted this poll a few years back. Curious to see what people think in 2015.  I say within 5 years.


With the change in the odds on MM & PB over the last couple of years I think its possible this year.


I voted for "this year" option. PB is having a matrix change on April 15th (5/66 white balls + 1/32 powerball) which will make the jackpot harder to win, meaning more jackpot rollovers. For that reason, along with the $2 tickets, I can see a billion dollar annuity jackpot sometime in 2015.

Honestly though, I'd be happy if I won the base jackpot of $40 million.

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I think it's a possibility if the matrix changes.

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That would be te only way I see it happening. If I remember correctly, the one Gloria Mackenzie won, every possible combination had been played.

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Actually, in that $590 ($587) million drawing, roughly 80% of combinations were played. You can find old interviews where officials say that 4 out of every 5 combinations were sold. Even if a billion tickets were purchased randomly there would still be about 0.3% combinations unplayed.

The new matrix will, of course, exaggerate this further. If a billion tickets are purchased there will still be about 3% unplayed. Naturally, the reason is duplicates.

Re the OP, I do believe we will see a billion dollar jackpot and most likely under the new Powerball as long as sales continue supporting the game.

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I picked within 5 years especiallly with powerball matrix change this year.


Its getting interesting...............

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Halfway There!

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I don't foresee a billion dollar jackpot unless the matrix became too crazy like maybe 5/75+ 1/40. Or maybe they decided to do computerized drawings. Or both. It would be nice to see that.


It will be ready for the billion in just seven more rollovers when we visit NY!Hurray!

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It's coming. They would make a killing on sales.

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Sorry but I don't think this jackpot is going to have another 7 rollovers. If it does rollover 7 more times, it would be well over a billion dollars.


The Jackpot has a shelf life of no more than Saturday at best. So either tomorrow or Saturday I'll be the new winner.

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Yes, when they change it to 1-250 white balls, the PB to 1-150 and a ticket cost $20 a play. And based on how often they like to add balls to the mix that should be some time next year. Jester

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