What, no systems to win a jackpot game!

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What, no systems to win a jackpot game?

I'm looking a the most recent posts in the system forum and all I see are systems for pick3 and pick4.  Is it that winning those games have odds of 1:1000 and 1:10000?  Have LP members come to the conclusion that trying to effect their odds of winning a jackpot game is a waste of time and the only thing worth doing is buying a ticket and hoping to get lucky?

Or have jackpot games with higher odds and lower jackpots lost their appeal?  I noticed the last time LP set a record for players coming to LP to get the drawing results of jackpot game was back in 2012.  Jackpot games just aren't creating the interest they did back then.

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I agree, posts are poor.

On one side, there is no trust in mathematics as you still need luck to win. Was there a recipe, would you share it to share the price?
Some English make a show of it on BBC. I program for myself and pick for myself. But, at the moment it is the programming that is pushing me, not the urge to win.

When I posted mathematics, there were critics or questions. I think that those people are kind of the clueless ones that don't even take the time to use a pen and paper when unable to program. Others just post negative comments or put negative ratings on some effort to split combinations into parts that are not sums!

When asking what do you pick or what do you decide to play in a specific case, there are no answers given. Talking roulette, some open up.


For the tools, I like pen and paper, but a program can do strict counts and calculations, or filter according to your input. I remember the comments like, you just write the program, never answering or asking what the program should exactly do. Others jump on any free byte they can get, without ever doing an effort to communicate.


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In response to SergeM

I just think it's that fact that 'online' P3/P4 players (the big baller variety) are gettng paid more quickly than waiting for a jp to land in their lap.


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In response to SergeM

Very well said SergeM !Agree with what you mentioned.

It may b also b/c most LP tools are for daily games so even the experienced ones cant do much since there are no options to analyze the numbers, unless they choose non LP software.

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In response to JonnyBgood07

Truth... too much money and effort to put in. 

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In response to RJOh

Here's hoping that whatever you are witnessing in the absence of posted Jackpot Lottery Systems does not mean that L.P. members have given up. Keep your eye on the prize !

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I wonder why is "onlymoney" trying to hard to give one star rating on  my topics,yours and others as well ??

Is things like this that keep elevated  minds from posting useful systems.

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In response to Igamble

I don't know about ONLYMONEY'S postings of star ratings. I can only speak for myself as not fully understanding ("duh") how the ratings postings system works.

RE: Reveal New Str8 System; Thread/285152/3946291

As for the systems for the Jackpot Games I think you know as well as I.......THEY'RE OUT THERE !      RJOH himself is living proof of that with his 5 out of 6 in the Ohio Classic Lottery. I'm pretty sure that he didn't play a Quick Pick.

Stay Positive !                                                                                                         


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In response to str8ca$hhomie

Lest I forget.......There's a gentleman down in Newark, Delaware who's been working very diligently on solving the problem for the PICK 6 type games. Rumor has it that it's one hell of a Jackpot System ! Like I said in the above post.......THEY'RE OUT THERE !

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