Anybody use Androids Apps?

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Anybody use Androids Apps for Lotto?

I once found someone on here that made apps bu I cannot remember the name of the app or the Author!



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Pick 3 Wheel App (Legacy) seems to be OK. No filtering.

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Hey there Raven, how's it going?  Where've you been?  Tried to PM you a long time ago, but box was always full.  Hope all is well and Happy New Year to you!  I'm no longer in Old Bridge/Matawan as you can tell from my location.

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I am well: I hope you are too. I can't believe nine years have pasted. I wish you a Happy New Year and lots of good luck in LV.

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Try:   Or             Or             


Or, better still, use the Mobile Lottery Post App.

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I will make something, I am not sure about spreading it if complications and paperwork spoil the fun.

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