what do you do for a living?


honest question so ill start first... i work as a cook at a restaurant.

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I play the local lotteries from my home office.  Good thing I'm retired and receive a pension or I would be homeless.


I am an Artist and Jewelry Designer.


Uber driver


Anybody else wondering what difference it makes and how it applies to playing lottery games.

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We did a couple of threads like this, years ago.  It's just interesting to know what everyones' "Day Job" is, how they reallyearn a living, other than playing the lottery.

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Playing the lotteries ain't free, the money got to come from somewhere.

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My day gig is a 9 to 5 at a large bank.  I also have rental property and do web stuff.

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Great point !!! We have to continue to work doing something, to earn a living, and to be able to afford to play the lottery !!!

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Retired now but Army, worked for post office and in casinos.

I was really expecting at least one person to answer, " I give posts 1 star ratings"


Green laugh

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I am a custodian and a writer.

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I'm pretty sure we can rule out "playing the lottery" as earning a living though it's possible a couple members are living off lottery winnings.

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I live in van by the river and sell used lottery tickets.


Railroad Supervisor

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I heard about the fire at L'enfant plaza metro. Too bad a grandmother lost her life.

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Apocalypse Now.

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Metro messed up big time. Everyone is really mad about that woman's unnecessary death. The would not move the train at the station to allow the smoky train to pull into the station. 45  minutes. There seems to be a real unease now like just after 9-11.  I smell a burning smell all the time at certain stations.

But I hope everyone knows, don't wait for someone to rescue you. A few people opened the doors and walked the short distance on the track back to the station. Do what it takes to save your life and ignore wrong advice.

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I Agree! Indeed.


I'm an importer-exporter for Vandelay Industries. Wink

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Retired from General Mills

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The movie was Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppola with Martin Sheen and Marlin Brando.  Robert Duvall is the star who made the quote.



See Ya!


I gamble for livingSmash

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wait, what you DO for a living? or WANT TO DO for a living? 

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I am the executive assistant and bookkeeper for an intellectual property law firm. I am one of the two people who work at this law firm. I am also studying accounting at George Mason University, and I will graduate this year.

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Finance, which is bad if you play the 3 & 4 digit because you see numbers all day long. "$2,110, that's a good one, $572,713., oh I should play that, etc..." Won't forget the day I had a total of $2,222, played it of course to win "Zero".  By the end of the day my head is spinning with numbers.


hehehehhehe I play the lotto lol  This is a way of livingBanana


30 years as a systems integrator programmer, quit my job in 2008 ro play the lottery and win$.....the lottery is my job

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I'm a butcher for a grocery store.

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Merchant Marine  .

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