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G'day all, I am a Newbie to this forum but not to Lottery. I have for some time been entering the same 1,500 numbers in 250 "boards" every week in the Aus Saturday Lottery. A Board in Aus really just means a single entry, in my case of six numbers.  My very uncomplicated system simply means that which ever numbers are drawn, I will have selected.

Our on-line entry form does not allow copying and pasting so every number has to be entered individually. We can enter 50 Boards or entries and save them as one "Favourite" for further use. So in my case I have five Favourites each consisting 50 Boards of 250 numbers.

I originally scrambled the numbers in MS Excel and then laboriously entered them number by number into the on-line forms. How to discover if I had made any mistakes, which of course I had? I could just imagine winning the "Big One" only to discover my entry was wrong. "Goodbye Cruel World". Checking the entries was a bit of a marathon as well.

Solution. I saved each of my five on-line entries in Portable Document Format (.pdf). I converted these files to MS Excel. Then I  prepared a spreadsheet with my entries copied and pasted into the first six columns and what they should have been into the next six columns. So columns A-F my entries, columns G-L what they should be. I entered in M2 =IF(a1=g1,"","error"). I then copied the formula right to R. Then copied M1:R1 all the way down to line 50. Found several errors. They have now been corrected.

I also used MS Excel to create a Winnings Checker. Simply enter the winning numbers and the dividends and the winning total appears. These two little apps save hours and hours, as well as mistakes every week and might have me leaving this planet later than I might have. Also very useful for syndicates.

I am 11.74% in front since March 2013 and have not put my hand in my pocket since April 2014 and every week I am in with a chance to win the big one.



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Are you saying you play 250 boards a week. In the States their called lines and that would cost $250 a week for our Lotto.

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Notice he's from Perth, Australia and that's his and first only post, that should tell you something.

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i see you are from perth. im from Adelaide. we just had the state lotto taken over by tattersalls.  the only real bonus to me was the  installation of online gambling via their site. and the automated entry, options. once entered and credit/debit card info is given, you can be auto entered in draws for ever more. and even  decide to enter certain  draws only after  set jackpot levels have been achieved.


all in all a pretty good system. there still was no copy n paste option for entering games. each " board " had to be entered by ticking  the appropriate box for ea number! so yeah that would suck. there is no winning more than lose going on for me tho. i think maybe because i actually play so few  lines per draw.


The actual cost is A$177.00 per week. Not a great deal of money to be able to spend on entertainment after working for more that sixty years. It is my only spend on non essentials except for a high end gaming machine for Prepar3D as I am disabled and spend my life in one room and in a wheelchair. As I said I am in front and have been almost since day one. It has therefore cost me nothing to date.

We may also be taken over by TattsLotto although under the present government run system all the profits go back to the community in the form of grants. These grants run into millions per year and a big range of not for profit organisations can apply for a grant. These are then carefully assessed before a grant is made.

Therefore any attempt to "privatise" by selling out to a private operator would get a lot of public protest and be politically very unpopular. There are no poker machines in WA except at one casino and race betting is also government controlled.

There is also a spending limit of $500 per week on Lottery's to perhaps make "problem gamblers" think twice. Strangely there is no such limit on gambling on race horses.


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