What is your opinion about software like Covermaster V55 to win lotteries ?

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Never heard of it?  Gail Howard sent me a Flash Drive with winning numbers on but I never use it maybe I should?

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CoverMaster generates wheels. You can do many interesting things with wheels including wheels within wheels.  It also can test them.

A properly built wheel does exactly what it tests as and may do better, but never worse.

A 100% (18,6,4,6)=42 wheel will always return at least one 4# prize when all six winning numbers are among the 18 being wheeled in 42 combinations.

The hope is that having six of the winning numbers among your lines and at least one line already having four of the winning numbers guaranteed, that the other two winning numbers will also find their way onto the same line to produce a jackpot.

CoverMaster is wonderful lottery software, however it is like the gears of a transmission that needs a good prediction engine to get you where you need to go.


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In response to XENEIZE

Probably the best wheeling program around and should be in every serious lottery player tool box.

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Either that or reformat it and put a copy of CoverMaster on it instead.

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